Greta Thunberg Tells Andrew Tate His Arrest Happened Because He Opposed Her Religion


Greta is such a vicious little mutant.

You can’t help but feel bad for her, but it’s like, wow.

This retarded teenage girl that the media promotes as a top global political leader is very nasty.

New York Post:

Climate activist Greta Thunberg is giving incendiary influencer Andrew Tate a taste of his own medicine following his recent arrest.

This is what happens when you don’t recycle your pizza boxes,” Thunberg tweeted.

Tate and his brother Tristen were detained on kidnapping and rape charges Thursday after the controversial social media star tweeted a video response to one of Thunberg’s tweets.

In it, Tate asks someone off-camera to bring him pizza and “make sure that these boxes are not recycled” as he’s handed two pies from Jerry’s Pizza — a local chain in Romania.

The video was all authorities needed to pinpoint the former kickboxer’s location and make the arrest.

The spat between the 19-year-old activist and 36-year-old influencer started earlier this week when Tate tagged her in a post showing off his 33 cars and asked for her address so he could continue to brag that they contribute significantly to pollution.

In response back, Thunberg tweeted, “Yes, please do enlighten me. email me at smalld–”

The jab prompted Tate to make his ill-fated video response, which led Romanian police in full tactical gear to storm Tate’s villa with a battering ram.

That isn’t actually what happened. It’s weird the media just makes stuff up like this. The cops knew where he was. He’d been cooperating with authorities. He wasn’t on the run to the point where they had to track his pizza deliveries.