Heroic Figure Proves Society Doesn’t Exist by Walking Around Dallas-Fort Worth International in the Nude

There is really no society at this point. People have been walking around in pajama pants for years now, it’s sort of the obvious next step that people just wouldn’t bother to put on clothes at all.

New York Post:

A naked man was detained on Monday after air travelers spotted him proudly sauntering through Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

Eye-popping video shows the man — without any baggage in sight or a stitch of clothing — slowly strolling past a TGIF Friday around 10:15 p.m. inside the airport’s Terminal C, which exclusively flies out American Airlines flights.

An astonished passerby did a double-take after walking past the unabashed man, who didn’t pay any mind to the deranged stares aimed in his direction.

“There’s a naked guy in the airport,” another man filming the strange encounter can be heard saying as someone nearby begs him not to record the stranger.

The nude man immediately swings his head at the camera, points his finger, and begins nodding his head.

“Yes, there is!” the videographer cheers, offering a pointed finger back.

“My man!”

I don’t even really blame the guy.

Society hasn’t done anything for me lately. Or really ever. I don’t feel I owe it much. Or really anything.

What’s the point of putting on clothes if you don’t feel like it? Who do you owe it to to wear clothes?

The Jews and immigrants? The women who control everything?

I don’t owe these people.

Moving forward, I might just go around nude. Buying and wearing clothing is a burden that I don’t really have the tolerance for anymore.

Conservative white men all have this idea that society is on their backs and they’re the ones holding it together. Well, that part is true. But they have this idea that they have a duty to do that. But it’s a duty to whom?

What exactly are you getting out of maintaining the illusion that we live in a society? You’re basically getting nothing but hassle and punishment.

In the video, the guy recording yells at the nude stroller: “my man.” This is a way of communicating: “yeah, that guy’s right – fuck everything. Who cares?”

If someone can come up with a good reason not to walk around in the nude, I’d like to hear it.