Shitty Migrant Mothers Force Kids Through Razor Wire for Photo-Op

This is the funniest fake news scandal of the century.

This is a photo-op.

You don’t have to crawl through razor wire to get across the border.

This is staged.

New York Post:

Gut-wrenching images taken by The Post show migrant toddlers crawling through razor wire to reach Eagle Pass, Texas, howling in pain as spikes from the wire stick into their flesh.

The photos capture the sheer desperation of the humanitarian crisis playing out on the border, with families and even a double amputee crawling through the sharp coils of wire to get a shot at claiming asylum in the US.

Migrants near Eagle Pass waded through the dangerous waters of the Rio Grande — the international boundary — before getting stuck at the bottom of the riverbank for hours, unable to make their way into the US due to the concertina wire.

After nearly half a day’s wait, they became desperate and made their way up the bank. Video captured by The Post shows one Honduran woman crawling through the wire with her three sons, trying to shield them by putting her body between them and the sharp spikes.

Video captured by The Post shows the Honduran woman’s hair and clothes snagged by the razors.

With the help of other migrants who used clothes as a buffer, the mom and kids were able to turn themselves over to the US Border Patrol.

With a population of less than 30,000, Eagle Pass has been besieged by at least 11,500 migrants in the last week, overwhelming its resources.

For comparison, a record was set for the entire southern border when 10,000 people attempted to cross from Mexico in a single day in May.

They could have called the Border Patrol and had them remove the razor wire, which appears to be what they actually ended up doing.

I think these people should be shot. There should be motion-censor triggered machine gun turrets.

We do not have a border, which means we do not have a country, which means the authority of the government has been nullified.