Hohol MP Uses Stock Photo of Sad Boy in Hoax Story About Russian Strike

I wouldn’t have expected these Jews to lie…


A Ukrainian lawmaker has shared a fake photo and a purported story of “Marc, 8 yo” with her 330,000 followers on her English-language Twitter feed on Tuesday. Lesia Vasilenko, a Ukrainian MP from the Golos (Voice) Party, who has a background in law and human rights campaigning, posted a photo of a sad-looking, dirt-covered boy, claiming that he is an eight-year-old named Mark, who “just survived” a Russian artillery strike.

The photo is nowhere close to being new and does not appear to have any relation to Ukraine. The 2013 Spanish-language edition of the book ‘The Misremembered Man’ by Irish novelist Christina McKenna featured the very same picture on the cover, skeptics pointed out. At the time of writing, the tweet remained live, though Twitter had added a notice about its questionable veracity.

The Ukrainian MP, who claims that she studied at University College London, is regularly invited by leading Western media, such as France’s BFM TV or the BBC, to comment on Ukrainian affairs.

American wars are always lined with hoaxes. The reason is that they cannot be justified. Because America is always the bad guy – or has been since the Civil War.

Russia doesn’t have to do fake atrocities.

People think I’m a Russian shill, and maybe that’s true, but literally – look at their record. They are not hoaxing anything about this war. They are just reporting the facts about Hohol atrocities. They also show footage of drag queen story hour, and explain that America is a satanic state trying to destroy Russia because it is the last white Christian country.

Americans make up the dumbest shit imaginable.

Do you remember Iraqi WMDs?

Do you remember when they used the Kuwaiti Ambassador’s daughter to give false testimony about babies being thrown out of incubators?

Before that, they faked a Vietnamese attack on an American ship.

Before that, they faked the Jew Holocaust.