Hoholistan Keeps Doing Terrorist Attacks, Hits Moscow Skyscraper, Belgorod Health Facility, Killing Three

This is straight out of the Art of War:

“When you’re really winning hard, just start bombing random civilian facilities, including hospitals and stuff.”


Russia said on Wednesday it had thwarted the latest Ukrainian drone attack on Moscow but that three people were killed in a separate drone strike on a health facility near the Ukrainian border.

The governor of Russia’s Belgorod region, which is near Ukraine and has come under frequent attack, said a drone had hit a sanatorium in a village, while another had been shot down. He said two people had died on the spot and doctors were unable to save the life of a third person.

Damaged sanatorium

Separately, the governor of Kaluga region, south of Moscow, said another Ukrainian drone had been shot down without causing casualties or damage.

The attempted attack on Moscow was not reported to have hurt anyone and only appeared to have caused minor damage. It was the latest in a surge of similar incidents, and once again forced Moscow’s airports to briefly suspend flights as a precaution.

The Defence Ministry said air defence forces near the capital had shot down two drones over the Moscow region’s Mozhaisky and Khimki districts.

It said a third had lost control but nevertheless hit a high-rise building under construction in a Moscow business district. Glass panes on three floors of the building were damaged, the state TASS news agency reported.

In theory, the goal of these terrorist style attacks is to get the Russian people to oppose the war.

But obviously, the opposite is happening, and it is just making people demand that Putin go way harder on the Hohols.

That’s something that you could easily pull data on.

So… I don’t really get it.