Taiwan: Billionaire Foxconn Founder Running for President on Peace Platform

Foxconn is a company that made a lot of money doing business with China. In fact, every company in Taiwan made a lot of money doing business with China.

War makes no sense from any angle, other than those concerned about “eternal anal.” Even if you are totally anal, however, you’re going to die from GRIDS long before Chinese law is enforced in Taiwan.

Beijing has said they don’t want to begin reunification until the 2040s. After that, Taiwan will have at least a generation of “one country, two systems.” The target for full integration is probably around the 2080s or even as late as 2100.

The whole situation is ridiculous and goofy. It’s especially goofy that it’s happening in China, where the majority of people only care about doing business and making money. You do not have a large “our values are who we are” crowd in Taiwan.

The Guardian:

The billionaire founder of tech giant Foxconn, Terry Gou, has announced he will run for president of Taiwan as an independent candidate, pledging to fix cross-strait relations and boost Taiwan’s economy.

At a press conference on Monday, Gou – a well-known and outspoken businessman – announced what he called “the era of entrepreneurs’ rule”.

I have decided to join the 2024 presidential race,” he said, touting his business and finance experience, including dealings with China.

Give me four years and I promise that I will bring 50 years of peace to the Taiwan Strait and build the deepest foundation for the mutual trust across the strait … Taiwan must not become Ukraine and I will not let Taiwan become the next Ukraine.”

On Monday, Gou blamed Tsai’s ruling Democratic Progressive party (DPP) for escalating tensions, calling them arrogant and corrupt.

“Under the rule of the Democratic Progressive party in the past seven years or so, internationally, they lead Taiwan towards the danger of war. Domestically, their policies are filled with mistakes,” he said.

Just to be clear, Foxconn is the biggest manufacturer of electronics in the world.

Gou is one of the top five richest men in Taiwan (he might be the second richest – these things are hard to estimate, and numbers 2-4 all have similar net worths).

This guy might get assassinated by Washington. It’s too perfect of a situation. Who knows what his chances to win as an independent are, but he’s going to pick away at the support for the American-backed war party. The KMT, the reunification party, has always been far-right and in a country with an aging population they might have a hard time with certain people, even on the brink of war.

If Gou does get serious support – and he likely will – the obvious thing to do would be for the KMT to withdraw their candidate and tell their people to vote for Gou.

It’s unlikely that the US is going to let an election interfere with their war plans regardless. They don’t allow that in America (except by accident in 2016), so it doesn’t make sense they would allow it in Taiwan. They probably won’t actually assassinate Gou, but they will manipulate the election in different ways and then potentially set up a stolen election.

The extremely disliked “President Battle Cunt” is retiring or perhaps planning to commit suicide, and the homosexual vice president is running on the war party ticket and calling for Taiwan to become “the second Ukraine.” He recently flew to Washington to plan his rise.

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It’s very difficult to imagine that the Taiwanese would get behind a plan to agitate for open war with China in the name of American values. The Ukrainians didn’t even do this – Zelensky ran on a peace platform and then started agitating for war after he was elected.

In general, “I choose war in the name of the interests of a foreign country” is not a popular message. Obviously, these shills claim the war is in the interests of Taiwan, but the Taiwanese are probably the single most educated population in the world, so it’s a really hard sell.