Hohols Search Facebook to Calculate Death Toll Because the Ukraine Doesn’t Disclose Casualties

No one has any idea how many Ukies have died, but it does seem clear that the Kiev Junta is purposefully trying to kill their own people.

Because: are they their own people?

I’ve watched dozens of the videos of press-ganging by the Ukraine police/military, and everyone I’ve seen them grab has been speaking Russian, not “Ukrainian.”

It seems to me that Bakhmut was a situation where they obviously knew they were going to lose, but wanted to use the situation to wipe out tens of thousands of Russian-speaking young men, as that is tens of thousands less men who could be involved in a rebellion against the Zelensky regime.

Probably, half a million have died on the Ukrainian side. We know for a fact it is more than 250,000. On the Russian side, it is likely 50,000-65,000. Though Bakhmut was 10-1 Ukrainian-Russian deaths, overall, the number of 5-1 seems to have held. That was what every serious person predicted a long time ago.


In peacetime, Viktor Tkachenko tracks local tenders, court registries and other open sources for a news outlet in central Ukraine.

These days, the reserved 33-year-old fills a spreadsheet with the names of Ukrainian soldiers from Poltava region killed since Russia’s full-scale invasion began – 1,072 at last count – which is used in regular round-ups that typically contain between 10 and 40 names.

“It’s a frightening system, but it’s a system,” Tkachenko said of the grim task of cataloguing the fallen and informing readers of Poltavshchyna, an online outlet of local news covering everything from political intrigue to power outages.

“It’s clear this won’t end soon.”

Poltava, which borders the war-scarred Sumy and Kharkiv regions but has been largely spared fighting, had a pre-war population of around 1.3 million people out of a national total of around 43 million.

Ukraine has not disclosed the number of casualties it has sustained from Russia’s invasion, launched in February 2022, saying such information could help the enemy.

A recent U.S. intelligence estimate from the Discord leaks in April put Kyiv’s dead at 15,000-17,500. Reuters has not been able to independently verify widely varying claims of battlefield losses on both sides of the conflict.

That is totally insane, that they have the nerve to say that. That is less than a third of the estimates of how many died in Bakhmut alone.

All the way back in November, before the Bakhmut slaughter-fest, Ursula von der Leyen herself said 100,000 were dead.

That was a low number back then.

In a rare private initiative, Tkachenko and his colleagues trawl open sources such as Facebook, where relatives and local officials often post individual death announcements – an imperfect method that may under-report the true toll of war.

But the spreadsheet offers a glimpse into the human cost of the war in one of Ukraine’s 27 regions.

Inside his cramped office in part of a former accordion factory, festooned with old campaign posters and political jokes, Tkachenko described his work as an “emotional seesaw”.

Most entries in his Google spreadsheet, which he edits from research collected by staff members, are accompanied by dates and locations of a soldier’s birth and death.

A separate, smaller section – titled “No confirmation” – is dedicated to missing troops.

The published roundups on Poltavshchyna feature photos of those killed in action and short biographies of around one to three paragraphs – a format, Tkachenko said, that seems to strike a dignified balance and of which most readers approve.

A press officer for Poltava’s regional military recruiting centre would not comment on the accuracy of Tkachenko’s figure. But he said his office takes seriously its task of notifying family members and honouring each of Poltava’s killed at their funerals.

“If you take every fallen soldier as a personal loss, then I think you wouldn’t last very long,” said Roman Istomin, the press officer. “You need to accept it as an unfortunately natural process. And for this, Russia is to blame.”

Ukraine’s defence ministry did not immediately respond to a request for comment about Ukraine’s losses.

The wacky thing about lying like this is that you are not only lying to the enemy and to the public, but also to your own people. We saw in the big Discord leaks that they were also lying about the numbers internally, while also admitting they have no way to calculate the losses.

It is really impossible for a complex system totally based on lies to function indefinitely. When no one really has any idea what is actually happening in real life, it is impossible to expect people to make good decisions, because it the nature of things that good decisions are informed decisions.