Men “Weaponizing” AI Against Women, Making Pornographic Deep Fakes of Taylor Swift

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Everyone thinks that they can stop things from happening by whining.

In fact, whining cannot stop things from happening. If you want someone to stop doing something, your only choice is to kill them or to convince someone else to kill them.

Otherwise, people have freedom to do whatever they want.


The circulation of explicit and pornographic pictures of megastar Taylor Swift this week shined a light on artificial intelligence’s ability to create convincingly real, damaging – and fake – images.

How can CNN claim that these images are “damaging”?

What damage do they cause, other than the same damage that all porn does to the psyche of boys and men?

But the concept is far from new: People have weaponized this type of technology against women and girls for years. And with the rise and increased access to AI tools, experts say it’s about to get a whole lot worse, for everyone from school-age children to adults.

Already, some high schools students across the world, from New Jersey to Spain, have reported their faces were manipulated by AI and shared online by classmates. Meanwhile, a young well-known female Twitch streamer discovered her likeness was being used in a fake, explicit pornographic video that spread quickly throughout the gaming community.

It’s not just celebrities [targeted],” said Danielle Citron, a professor at the University of Virginia School of Law. “It’s everyday people. It’s nurses, art and law students, teachers and journalists. We’ve seen stories about how this impacts high school students and people in the military. It affects everybody.”

Okay, so what? We outlaw AI because women are mad?

People are just going to have to get used to it.

From scorned sluts, to artists, to journalists, to the Pokemon copyright holders – they just have to shut up and deal with it, because AI exists.

But while the practice isn’t new, Swift being targeted could bring more attention to the growing issues around AI-generated imagery. Her enormous contingent of loyal “Swifties” expressed their outrage on social media this week, bringing the issue to the forefront. In 2022, a Ticketmaster meltdown ahead of her Eras Tour concert sparked rage online, leading to several legislative efforts to crack down on consumer-unfriendly ticketing policies.

Journalists writing about AI have a very serious conflict of interests, because they’re all going to lose their jobs to it.

They should have to include that in their articles – “I, the author of this article whining about AI, am also personally threatened by AI.”

“This is an interesting moment because Taylor Swift is so beloved,” Citron said. “People may be paying attention more because it’s someone generally admired who has a cultural force. … It’s a reckoning moment.”

It’s actually not a reckoning moment.

If anything, people like Pokemon a lot more than they like Taylor Swift, especially since she got fat. And everyone bought the Pokemon AI ripoff game, because it was fun and no one gives a shit about the stupid babylike emotions of whiny people on Twitter.

The fake images of Taylor Swift predominantly spread on social media site X, previously known as Twitter. The photos – which show the singer in sexually suggestive and explicit positions – were viewed tens of millions of times before being removed from social platforms. But nothing on the internet is truly gone forever, and they will undoubtedly continue to be shared on other, less regulated channels.

Yes, X, Previously Known as Twitter (XPKaT), is the most-regulated channel.

They will ban you for posting emojis. It’s sick.

Although stark warnings have circulated about how misleading AI-generated images and videos could be used to derail presidential elections and head up disinformation efforts, there’s been less public discourse on how women’s faces have been manipulated, without their consent, into often aggressive pornographic videos and photographs.

The growing trend is the AI equivalent of a practice known as “revenge porn.” And it’s becoming increasingly hard to determine if the photos and videos are authentic.

It’s not “revenge porn.”

Although “revenge porn” is also bullshit, that is at least a real video.

These are fake videos.

If anything, these filthy whores should all be rejoicing, because they’ve all been in some type of porn, and now when they get exposed to their family, friends, and children, they can just claim it’s an AI fake.

But women are much too retarded to think that far ahead.

What’s different this time, however, is that Swift’s loyal fan base banded together to use the reporting tools to effectively take the posts down. “So many people engaged in that effort, but most victims only have themselves,” Citron said.

Although it reportedly took 17 hours for X to take down the photos, many manipulated images remain posted on social media sites. According to Ben Decker, who runs Memetica, a digital investigations agency, social media companies “don’t really have effective plans in place to necessarily monitor the content.”

It took less than 17 hours when the Jews complained about a fire extinguisher emoji.

Like most major social media platforms, X’s policies ban the sharing of “synthetic, manipulated, or out-of-context media that may deceive or confuse people and lead to harm.” But at the same time, X has largely gutted its content moderation team and relies on automated systems and user reporting. (In the EU, X is currently being investigated over its content moderation practices).


Elon Musk, known for being a yipper and a Jew-lover, has all kinds of policies.

The fat rat has been on the forefront of whining about AI. This is because he sold his shares in OpenAI, which made ChatGPT, and now has to promote the shittiest AI of all: Grok.

The company did not respond to CNN’s request for comment.

Other social media companies also have reduced their content moderations teams. Meta, for example, made cuts to its teams that tackle disinformation and coordinated troll and harassment campaigns on its platforms, people with direct knowledge of the situation told CNN, raising concerns ahead of the pivotal 2024 elections in the US and around the world.

Decker said what happened to Swift is a “prime example of the ways in which AI is being unleashed for a lot of nefarious reasons without enough guardrails in place to protect the public square.”

No, it isn’t.

These are all fake problems.

It doesn’t matter if someone makes a fake porn. It doesn’t matter if people make hilarious fake news videos. It doesn’t matter if a team of ten unexperienced developers rip-off Pokemon and use ChatGPT to run the Unreal Engine and make a hit game.

None of these things are real problems.

Of course, the White House saw fit to comment on the Tay-Tay videos.

The White House wants to shut down AI, or at least make it so only governments and mega-corporations have unrestricted access to it.

They are probably going to do an event with Taylor Swift, calling for a total shutdown of robots.