Hong Kong’s Carrie Lam Takes Responsibility for Riots, Says She Can’t Resign – Why Not Put Jackie Chan in Charge?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 3, 2019

Another very unfortunate event has taken place in Hong Kong with a leaked recording from the head of the country.

Hong Kong Free Press:

Chief Executive Carrie Lam has maintained that she has never tried to resign, despite a leaked audio recording of her saying she would quit if she had a choice.

“Throughout this period… I have never tendered a resignation to the Central People’s Government. I have not even contemplated [discussing] a resignation with the Central People’s Government,” Lam told reporters before her regular Executive Council meeting on Tuesday.

“The choice of not resigning is my own choice.”

A leaked audio recording of Lam was published by Reuters on Monday evening, where she was heard saying that, if she had a choice, she would apologise and quit: “For a chief executive to have caused this huge havoc to Hong Kong is unforgivable,” she told business leaders. In June, Reuters reported that Beijing would not allow Lam to quit.

Lam on Tuesday did not challenge the authenticity of the recording, but said that the remarks were made at an off-the-record lunch meeting with business leaders.

Basically, after this leak, Lam is pretty much totally burned.

She didn’t actually cause this – the Jewish US State Department, the Jewish National Endowment for Democracy and the CIA caused this. But she’s said she caused it, and no one is going to forget that the Beijing shill that runs Hong Kong is on record saying she is responsible for this uprising.

I have no idea how much Beijing is listening to my advice. They’re doing some of the things I suggest, but it could just be great minds thinking alike.

But if anyone with the ear of the CCP is reading this, this is the most important suggestion I’ve ever made:

Put Jackie Chan in as Chief Executive of Hong Kong.

This isn’t a joke.

He’s a complete supporter of unified China, and he’s well respected and loved across the entire world. The West loves him and it will really soften the blow of what is necessarily going to have to come down.

At this point, this entire thing is about international opinion of it, which is why the State Department, the mainstream Jewish media and the Jewish-shill alternative media is putting so much effort into propagandizing the population of the West into believing that the terrorists rioting in Hong Kong are brave freedom fighters.

Chinese people are going to cheer when the ungrateful traitors of Hong Kong are put down like the rabid dogs they are. For the rest of the world, a good face needs to be put on it, and Jackie Chan is the most famous and best-liked Hong Kongese person ever.

No one can portray Jackie as a bad or evil person. You saw this with the Western media’s refusal to cover his statements condemning the rioters. Putting him in charge of the province would really jam a wrench into the Jewish propaganda machine.

He speaks English, and he could go out and explain why the police had to start killing rioters.

Obviously, no one wants to have to do that. It’s incredibly unfortunate that these stupid incel teenagers are going to have to be slaughtered. But Jackie is a true patriot and I am confident that he will absolutely do it if he is asked to do it.