Texas Cripple Vows to Keep Installing Useless Razor Wire That Border Patrol Will Remove

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It works for everyone.

That cripple Abbott – who does not even have working legs, by the way – can continue grandstanding about how great he is while the Biden administration can continue thwarting his feeble efforts to control the border.

New York Post:

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Wednesday proclaimed that the Lone Star State’s right to self-defense “supersedes any federal statutes to the contrary” amid a feud with the Biden administration over border security.

Abbott’s statement of defiance comes on the heels of a standoff over razor wire the state has laid across the US-Mexico border despite a US Supreme Court ruling permitting the federal government to snip that barrier.

“Visionaries who wrote the U.S. Constitution foresaw that states should not be left to the mercy of a lawless president who does nothing to stop external threats like cartels smuggling millions of illegal immigrants across the border,” Abbott said.

The Lone Star State Republican argued that because the federal government has failed to safeguard Texas from an invasion, the state has the “constitutional authority to defend” itself.

“That authority is the supreme law of the land and supersedes any federal statutes to the contrary,” Abbott stressed.

On Monday, the Supreme Court determined in a 5-4 ruling that federal agents can remove the sharp concertina placed at sections of the border.

President Biden’s administration argued this authority was necessary so border officials responding to medical and other emergencies at the border aren’t impeded by the fencing.

Texas laid down the wire in a bid to dissuade migrants from traversing high-trafficked sites. Last year, the Lone Star State sued the Biden administration to stop the wire-cutting.

Despite the ruling, Abbott pledged that the state will “continue to deploy this razor wire to repel illegal immigration.”

This is like a slapstick comedy bit or a Looney Tunes episode – the Texans laying down the wire while the feds follow behind them picking it up.

It’s bullshit anyway, and Collin Rugg is a shill and a liar. The razor wire is about as useless as Greg Abbott’s legs.

The razor wire did not keep one single person from entering. They all either went around it, over it, or under it.

If Abbott really has a situation where it is impossible for him to send people home after they enter illegally, so he has to stop them before they enter, he should put landmines on the border.

It’s the same thing, no? Razor wire is intended to cut you and cause you to bleed out if you try to cross it. A minefield is intended to blow your limbs off if you try to cross it.

In theory, both present deadly consequences for trying to cross the border. Landmines would just be much more efficient.