Hungary Pulls Out of Eurovision, Homosexuals and Wahmen Worst Hit!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 29, 2019

I actually remember a time when normal people used to watch Eurovision. Not NPCs, mind you, but actual normal people. Those were heady times – back when people took pride in their country sending young talent to compete on the international stage.

Nowadays, Eurovision is the most god-awful thing coming out of Europe.

It’s about time it got some pushback. 

The Independent:

Hungary has pulled out of the Eurovision song contest amid speculation the competition is “too gay” for the country’s far-right government.

Although no official reason has been given for the withdrawal, a source inside Hungary’s public broadcaster reportedly said they assumed hostility to the contest’s LGBT+ links were behind the decision.

One pro-government commentator described Eurovision as a “homosexual flotilla” and said the country’s mental health would be better if it did not join the competition.

Well, Eurovision is basically the gay Olympics – so, no lie detected there. You have to be gay to even participate in the competition, which means that going against Eurovision is basically the equivalent of taking on the Gay Mafia and their ally, Organized Wahmenry, head-on.

Even if I were a newly-minted European despot, I would simply not risk it.

Mad respect for the Hungarians.

A source inside MTVA, the Hungarian public broadcaster which typically hosts its own song contest where the winner goes on to represent the country at Eurovision, told The Guardian: “I was not surprised. It comes from the organisational culture of MTVA.”

Positive coverage of LGBT+ rights in the media was discouraged, they told the paper.

But while this was a based move, it comes after the 2019 Eurovision in Israel that Hungary attended and which only Ukraine and Bulgaria pulled out of, so I can’t give the Based crown to Orban’s Hungary just yet.

That being said, if they forever boycott the contest, the Jews are going to get very, very mad at them anyways.

So yeah, better call the based department while you can, because the line is about to be cut.

Hungary deserves a medal for taking on the anti-Trinity of Satan head-on like this.

They’re going to have to deal with a colored revolution plot against their country because of this – absolutely guaranteed.