Hungary Says America Shouldn’t Have Tried to Turn Hoholistan Into a Military Base

Laszlo Kover, the speaker of the Hungarian parliament

I mean, America did try to turn the Ukraine into a military base. Actually, they didn’t try – they just did it.

It was the single most militarized country in Europe. Then America is like “oh why are you attacking us tho???”

So gay.


The West made a huge blunder when it tried to turn Ukraine into an anti-Russian stronghold, leaving Moscow no other choice than to intervene, the speaker of the Hungarian parliament, Laszlo Kover, said on Tuesday.

Speaking to InfoRadio, Kover noted that the Ukraine conflict has changed the global geopolitical map. He added that as the West introduced new sanctions against Russia, European political elites, “for some reason, became enthusiastic about destroying Russia economically [and] politically” while separating it from the EU by “creating a new iron curtain.”

While condemning Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine, the speaker noted that the West had been pushing Moscow back from its “old imperial borders” for several decades. Moreover, Moscow saw that “this is not enough for the West”, as it was getting closer to the nation’s core territories, he said.

I think the Western world made a strategic mistake when it tried not only to remove Ukraine from Russia’s sphere of interest, but also to turn it into a large population and military base against Russia,” he stressed, adding that Moscow felt it could no longer sit idle in the face of these efforts.

He went on to point out that the sanctions regime against Moscow “has hurt Europe much more than Russia,” stressing that Central Europe should do its best to avoid becoming “the eastern periphery of a North Atlantic empire.”

America is a plague on the earth.

It is itself the military base of Satan.

And that evil power that has been harnessed is being turned against the ones who summoned it.

God is turning evil to good.


Belarus and Russia have mostly managed to mitigate the effects of “primitive” Western sanctions, which have hurt the common people of the EU instead, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said in Minsk on Monday.

“Thanks to steps we’ve taken together, we generally managed to overcome the possible negative effects of the sanctions pressure,” Lukashenko said at a joint press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin, complimenting the sanctions specialists from both countries on a job well done.

The US and its EU allies have embarked on a sweeping embargo against Russia and Belarus in February, citing the escalating conflict in Ukraine. Lukashenko described the sanctions as “primitive” and said they’ve had “a boomerang effect” instead, hitting the ordinary people and enterprises on the European continent, but not those who “started an economic war against our country” and a proxy war against Russia “to the last Ukrainian.”

They are primitive sanctions – literally designed by an Indian guy. No one even knows who he is.

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These Hoholistan stans are lunatics.

How would “winning the war” fix the energy crisis? It doesn’t make any sense on its face.

Meanwhile, the people are sick of it!

The media won’t say how bad it actually is – people cannot heat their homes.

This is the kind of measures you put in place when you’re in a real war.

But we are fighting for the Ukraine???