I Love This Guy Saying Congressional Republicans are Going to Kill Kids

Michael Beschloss is a presidential historian and a partisan Democrat. The finish on the wood in his house is very bizarre and looks cheap. Is it teak? What is even going on there?

It’s not pine, I can tell you that. It looks like “interiors by IKEA.”


I thought historians were supposed to be cultured?

Anyway, I will forgive his sickening taste because he said my favorite thing ever: if Republicans win the midterms, they will “arrest and conceivably kill” people’s children.

I don’t really know what that even means, but it’s so funny.

Is he saying that Congressmen will form death squads and just start arresting and killing kids? Why would he even think that?

This is like a goy trying to act like a Jew. He’s thinking “what is the worst possible thing? I’ll tell them the Republicans will do that. The worst thing I can think of is having your children murdered.”

At the beginning of the clip he starts talking about how Republicans are going to censor people, which is actually sillier than saying they’re going to kill kids. I mean that seriously. “Killing kids” sounds goofier, but if you can look at the extent of Democrat censorship and then be able to make out the words “Republicans are going to take away free speech,” then you’re insane or evil or both.

There is no evidence for either claim, but one of the things the Democrats are actually doing.

Here’s another piece of cheese for your thoughts: Democrats are currently saying that censorship is good. They are aggressively saying that society can’t exist without censorship, in connection to Elon Musk buying Twitter. Brandon just said:

Elon Musk goes out and buys an outfit that spews lies all across the world. There’s no editors anymore in America. How do we expect kids to be able to understand what’s at stake?

Elizabeth Warren is going nuts, freaking out that Elon Musk would be able to allow people to hear things she doesn’t want them to hear. She says he has “a very dark room” (?).

This is not subtle: the Democrats are actively pro-censorship. They’ve pushed for censorship for years now, but they’ve done it in the context of “safety.” They were saying that if you made fun of people they would slit their wrists or whatever. It was all about “bullying” and “harassment.” Now they are doing informational censorship. They’ve been doing that since the virus hoax, but they are saying it openly now that Elon has Twitter.

At what point does this become like how Democrats can’t call people gay as an insult because it’s “homophobic”? Mass informational censorship is a core value of the Democrat Party now, by their own words, so how can this guy go out there and say bad Republicans will prevent people from reading certain things? The Democrats are saying people have to be prevented from reading certain things.

They’re going to have to adjust this. Attacking Republicans as pro-censorship is a lie obviously, but more importantly, it’s like calling them “a bunch of faggots.” Lying is one thing, but lying about the political opposition by saying they are secretly planning to do what you are already celebrating doing just looks clownish and confusing.

What’s next?

  • “The Republicans are secretly planning to shut down coal plants because they think that will change the weather”?
  • “The Republicans are secretly planning to indoctrinate our kids into tranny ideology”?
  • “The Republicans are secretly planning to send the FBI to harass and imprison Christians for being anti-abortion”?

They should stick with “they are going to kill kids.” That’s a solid campaign slogan – “the other guy is going to arrest and probably kill your kids.”