ICE Arrests Goblin Venezuelan Influencer (Who is Considered to be a Possible Crisis Actor)

Previously: Venezuelan Influencer (Possible Crisis Actor) Flaunts Cash, Mocks Americans for Being Slaves

It’s still not clear if this is a real guy really doing this stuff or if it is a hoax to make people angry.

I see the faces this guy makes, and the outrageous things he says, and I just have difficulty believing it is real.

Last time, I noted that this is not his natural face. He is making these super goblin faces as part of an act. Flashing guns and cash – it’s just too much.

I’m not saying it’s impossible that it’s real, but it seems more likely that this is staged for some reason. His arrest maybe makes that less likely to be true, though I suspect he’s not actually going to be deported. No one is ever deported. Even if they wanted to deport people, America is a self-declared enemy of Venezuela, and that country has no reason to accept the return of all of these criminals Joe Biden invited to come live in our country.

(Ironically, getting rid of all of these poor people and criminals has been a massive boon to the Venezuelan economy, which the US has tried to destroy. Poor people and criminals are always a drain on society and the economy, and the US and Europe, by inviting all of these people, are turning the third world into a paradise. Educated, productive, well-off people do not want to leave their homeland to live on welfare in a foreign land, so the Western “migrant” policy necessarily only brings in the worst scum of every country.)

Maybe he’s a real guy, and the pro-immigration people viewed him as bad optics. He’s been one of the top news stories for weeks now, so if he is real, it’s very good branding, and he has every reason to believe he can’t be deported.

New York Post:

Illegal ‘migrant influencer’ Leonel Moreno, who mocked America on social media in several viral videos, has been nabbed by federal immigration authorities.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) fugitive operations officers arrested Moreno in Columbus, Ohio, on Friday and he is currently being held at Geauga County Jail, according to ICE records.

The arrest comes after The Post exclusively reported how Moreno had skipped out on ICE soon after crossing the southern border into Texas illegally in 2022 and was now wanted by authorities.

(There are  millions of people in our country who did this. None of them are being arrested. It’s just this one guy, who does not appear to have committed any other crimes.)

In a statement to The Post, an ICE spokesperson said: “Leonel Moreno is an unlawfully present citizen of Venezuela, who illegally entered the country April 23, 2022.

“Moreno was placed into the Alternatives To Detention program by Border Patrol and was told to report to Enforcement and Removal Operations office within 60 days of arriving at his destination.

Moreno did not report as required. On March 29, 2024, Moreno was arrested in Gahanna, Ohio by officers with ERO Detroit’s Columbus office and is currently detained pending further immigration proceedings.”

While in the US, Moreno used his various social media channels to encourage other migrants to invade the country and squat the homes of American citizens, all while waving around wads of cash and flaunting what he said were government handouts.

They are all doing this, he just was the only one monetizing the fact he is doing it.

It was a spotlight on how ridiculous this whole thing is. Imagine that millions of people from Venezuela were allowed into the country without any explanation. At least under George W. Bush, when the border was first being opened, he was claiming “they do jobs Americans don’t want to do.” Obviously, that’s a retarded thing to say, as there is always someone in America will do any job if you pay them enough. So it’s really just an argument for driving down American wages. But at least it’s some kind of explanation.

Even “fleeing persecution” is an explanation, however absurd it might be.

No one gives any such explanation for the Venezuelans. It’s just “yeah, these people are coming here to live on welfare and commit crimes. We’re letting them in by the millions. That’s the whole story.”

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.