Iceland: Invaders Interrupt Parliamentary Debate to Demand More Free Stuff

Iceland has been advertised for a long time as the most peaceful and happy country on earth.

No one ever wanted to point out that it was also the whitest, least diverse country on earth.

Cracks are showing.

European Conservative:

Three migrants on Thursday disrupted proceedings in the Icelandic parliament, demanding family unification and housing, as the body was starting a debate on implementing stricter immigration laws. One of the men climbed over the railing from the upper gallery, making it look like he intended to jump onto the chamber floor.

“The Icelandic asylum seekers made noise, shouting and calling from parliamentary platforms at the beginning of the debate on changes to the Foreign Nationals Act. As a result, parliamentary meetings have been postponed for a few minutes, as people have been scurrying over the delays,” Ásmundur Friðriksson, MP for the Independence Party reported in a post on his Facebook page.

Jón Gunnarsson, another Independence Party MP, stepped into action to assist the police in detaining the protesters.

“I just consider it my civic duty to help the police if the situation is like that,” Gunnarsson said to Icelandmonitor.

Iceland, a country of 370,000 inhabitants saw a surge in immigration in 2022, when 17,000 immigrated to the nation. The largest single group immigrating originated in Poland, followed by Ukraine and Romania.

Well, the people whining didn’t look to be from any of those countries.


The Alþingi (Althing), the Icelandic parliament, is one of the oldest surviving parliaments in the world, counting its roots back to the founding in 930 A.D. Security at the Althing is quite lax compared to other European parliaments, partly because of the small population and partly because of the low crime rate in the country.

At the rate they’re going, the crime rate isn’t gonna be low for much longer…