Iceland’s Birth Rate in 2022 Saw Largest Decline Since Mid-1800s

We should just keep giving women more and more and more rights until there are no people left on earth.

Conversely, it may be prudent for the vaginal governments of the world to simply agree to release a biological plague to destroy all life.

If we’re trying to destroy all life, it would be quicker and less painful to use manufactured disease than women’s rights.

The Nordic Times:

The number of births in Iceland decreased by 500 in 2022. This is the largest decline since the mid-19th century.

Ólöf Garðarsdóttir, a historian and chair of the humanities faculty at the University of Iceland, believes that birth rates in the Nordic countries have previously been relatively high compared to other European countries, partly as a result of the welfare systems in place.

However, the number of births in Iceland is now declining, reports the Icelandic state channel RUV. Last year, 4,400 children were born, a significant decrease from the previous year when 4,900 children were born in the country.

Although a relatively large number of children were born in 2021, the country’s fertility rate in 2022 has not been this low since the mid-19th century.

A similar trend can be observed in Sweden, where childbearing decreased in most parts of the country in 2022. In 20 out of 21 counties, the number of births decreased, and there haven’t been so few children born in Sweden since 2005, according to Statistics Sweden’s figures. In Norway too, fertility was at a record low last year, with a fertility rate (an estimate of the average number of children a woman will have during her lifetime) of 1.41 children. This is the lowest ever recorded in the country, according to the Norwegian Statistical Office.

Regarding other aspects of birth statistics, it has also become clear that well-educated individuals with higher incomes tend to have more children than those with lower incomes, says Garðarsdóttir.


They used to say the opposite of that though?

It probably actually did reverse. Even when abortion was made legal, most poor people were still too religious to do it. Now, due to decades of government “atheism” propaganda, the masses of low-income people are fine with abortion, so they just do full abortion, while the rich have the means to bribe their women into producing heirs.

We should understand, however, as a basic and absolute matter, that women are responsible for the drop in the birthrate.

Even if you had a very negative opinion of men, you would have to admit that they are always willing to have sex without a condom with a clean female.

Giving women the ability to make any decisions at all was absolutely, objectively a total disaster. Giving them the ability to make the decision to simply wipe out humanity by refusing their first and most fundamental social obligation, to birth children, is “my face is melting off” tier lunacy.