US Top Soccer Vagina Says Male Teens are “Bigger, Stronger, Faster” Than Adult Women

It is true that men are much bigger and stronger than women.

However, this is due to oppression. Women are scared to grow taller because men intimidate them.

Science has shown that women are exactly the same as men, and therefore it is a scientific fact that the reason women are shorter and less powerful is that they’ve been oppressed into it.

New York Post:

USWNT legend Carli Lloyd shared one of her most embarrassing moments representing the United States when her team lost to the FC Dallas boys U-15 team.

While answering questions on X, Lloyd was asked by one user “Carli is it true you lost to a bunch of 15 year old boys?”

Yes it’s true. I know…thousands of people have already brought that up,” Lloyd answered. “They were good.

Lloyd went on to say the loss wasn’t the only one she experienced at the hands of a male team, but that it helped her secure some prestigious tournaments, including gold medals at two FIFA World Cups (2015, 2019) and two Olympics (2008, 2012)

“We actually lost to a youth Bayern Munich team in my career as well but then we went on to win Olympics and World Cups. So…..” Lloyd added.

This happened in 2017, and led to some of the funniest headlines ever.

It should have been obvious that the women would lose badly, but I think the people that set this up actually believed in this “biological equality” stuff, and didn’t realize how brutal it would be.

FC Dallas defeated the USWNT 5-2 and was used by the US as a tune-up before an international friendly against Russia, according to CBSSports.

One user shared a photo under Lloyd’s post showcasing the size difference between the women and the teen boys.

“Typically when someone mentions this, I’ll post one of the pub photos of you standing with one of the boys… who is a foot taller than you. I mean, c’mon!” one user commented.

They should beat us. Bigger, stronger, faster! Boys always gave us a run for our money! It was great prep,” Lloyd wrote in response.

Well. Yes.

But some of the better players are short. Longer legs may generally indicate faster running, but soccer is not basketball.

Some of the best teams are from Latin America, where people are very short.

One of the top players on the Venezuelan national team is 5’2″. This is shorter than the average white woman. The average female height in America is 5’3″. There are a lot of top players under 5’6″.

However, female intelligence is also much lower, and more importantly here, their spacial awareness is abysmal. If it was just a running contest, or even a lower-body strength contest, professional female sportsmen would lose to amateur 15-year-old boys, but they would not get blown out.

Soccer involves intelligence, which is why women suck at it and also why few blacks ever reach the highest levels, even though blacks tend to be both faster and stronger than other races. (nb4 some white supremacy faggot posts about whites dominating body-building – yeah, bro, it’s because body-building is complicated and requires intelligence. A random, untrained black is always going to be stronger than a random, untrained white. They have higher testosterone and simply have better muscle mass, and most fast twitch. If you feel you need to say whites are superior to blacks in every way, you probably have a personal issue. There’s a reason they dominate basketball. There’s no reason to hate on these people unnecessarily. We can complain about their behavior, we can call out specific biological differences like average IQ, but there’s no need for hatred and weird false claims.)

People Don’t Want to Watch This Shit

One of the most insane things this side of child trannies is vaginal soccer players claiming they should get paid the same as male players. They actually get paid much more, proportionally, if we look at the profits of the sport. Based on basic math, they are getting paid more than men, by a lot.

The problem is: people want to watch good players. That’s what’s exciting in sports, is seeing a high level of talent. If that were not the case, then high school teams would be playing at the Superdome.

It’s the same stupid hoax, where a secret sexism/racism conspiracy no one can actually identify is blamed for something obvious. If female players played at the same level as male players, women’s sports would be just as popular. And indeed, we don’t have to take that as theory: several Olympic sports, where women can actually do well – gymnastics, ice skating, probably others – are very popular. Women’s tennis is popular.

People are really objective about this stuff. I am this way. I have no trouble saying that James Cameron’s ex-wife, Kathryn Bigelow, is a very good film director. Why should I lie about that? These films are legitimately good, including Strange Days, which is criminally underrated (it was one of the most thought-provoking near-future sci-fi films of the mid-1990s, a period of a lot of near-future sci-fi films), and Near Dark, which is also probably underrated (though has a bit of “cult” status now). I also appreciate Jane Austen and maybe a couple of other female novelists. I appreciate several female musicians (though mostly just for their singing; female singer-songwriters are not typically very good, though there are a few indie/emo ones I appreciate – it’s unclear how much input Taylor Swift has on her songs, but insofar as she actually wrote any of them herself, they are good). Tina Fey was legitimately funny, and Mean Girls is one of the best comedy films ever, in my opinion.

I take the same approach to blacks and everything else. I don’t believe politically in the “colorblind meritocracy” that cucked-out conservatives like Tucker Carlson promote, because this just amounts to “white people being bulldozed by Asians,” and I don’t think the purpose of the American university system is to serve Asians. It’s our country, we should be first. But on the personal level, when evaluating performance, I am colorblind/genital blind. It’s just an unfortunate fact that women are not generally very good at anything.

We should be dealing with reality, not goofy fantasy.