In Unoccupied Ukraine, Everyone is Getting Taped to Posts and Whipped

Democracy World Ukraine is getting dark.

Are we witnessing the emergence of a new Dark Democracy movement?

Everyone in the Ukraine is getting taped to a post and tortured.

Our values and who we are just went into Dark Mode.

Please browse these immediately, because they’re not going to last long on Twitter.

I think that thread and the bare commentary on it pretty well speaks for itself, but to summarize: the Ukrainian military, neo-Nazis, and rando civilians have declared a new “traitor” class that is made up of people who refuse to be conscripted, people who speak Russian in public, and people who “loot,” which appears to include starving people stealing food.

The standard method of dealing with this new class of national traitors is not to arrest them or even shoot them, but to publicly torture them.

This doesn’t seem like a very healthy or pro-social society, but I must admit: I’ve never really understood democracy, human rights, our values, or even who we are.

There are hundreds and hundreds of these videos on Telegram. The Ukrainians are proud of this. Note the citizens getting involved in this ritual humiliation and torture.

I’m sure there are probably good people in the country who are scared to speak out – as the meme goes – but the entirety of Ukrainian society appears to have devolved into a kind of frenzied, satanic barbarism, with the population turning on itself as they are too well aware that it is futile to fight against the Russians.

I think it’s important to note: the only reason any of this is happening – including the deranged mass psychosis you see in the above videos – is that the Zelensky Jewish and neo-Nazi regime funded by the West is continuing to refuse any attempt at a diplomatic solution, and is instead spamming everyone with this patently nonsensical claim that the Ukrainians are going to beat the Russian military in some kind of Marvel movie type fantastical battle.

The average Ukrainian literally does not even have a dog in this fight. This by far the poorest country in the world, poorer than many or most third world countries, so the idea that normal people care about “our values of democracy” is just as outrageous and farcical as the claim that Ukraine is going to win a war against Russia because of their “strong spirit.”

Poor people are only ever vaguely aware of their government based on a small number of direct interactions they’ve had with it, have no concept of abstract governmental philosophy, and have no interest in understanding anything at all beyond immediate needs.

So the people say “why no food in store? Why bomb make big sound? Why everyone running around in street with gun?” Then they turn on the TV and every channel says “this is because Russia is evil – they do all this. Everyone must fight or bad thing get badder, never have any foods and many noise go boom.” (All opposition media was banned by the Zelensky anal neo-Nazi democracy years ago).

If they understood the intricacies of what is happening, and the fact that Zelensky, backed by the US, is refusing a deal to totally withdraw the military if he agrees to neutrality and surrenders territories already held by Russians, all these people who have been conscripted and issued weapons would be turning them on the Ukrainian military and forming a lynch mob to hunt Zelensky (I don’t think they’d find him).

I don’t know if Russia is broadcasting their own propaganda at Kiev, but they should really try to get it into the homes of the average peasant. No matter what Fox News and CNN tell you: not one single one of these people wants to have their home destroyed or get displaced or killed because of “our value democracy human rights who we are love is love.”

Even if we go back to the Maidan of 2014: virtually all of those people were paid. The ones that weren’t paid were ethnic Ukrainians who grew up in the West and went to Georgetown, women, Jews, homosexuals, or neo-Nazi true believers. (Maybe there were also some people who were told that protesting would make them not so poor anymore.)

No one other than Jews and homosexuals actually believe in “democracy,” because normal people can’t even understand what the heck it even is.

Addendem: Azov Satanism

I have to note that the last clip in the thread is Azov keeping their human shields on the ground as they laugh and play the piano. I’ve uploaded that one, because it is small enough to upload here, and because I think we need to remember that one long after Twitter deletes all those posts of people tied to posts.

The thread poster notes that it’s like a horror movie.

It is indeed like something out of a horror movie – because these people are literally satanists, who believe they get power from demons through causing human suffering.

I don’t really want to belabor a point I’ve already made, but Azov is a branch of the same “neo-Nazi” satanic cult as Atomwaffen. Atomwaffen was publicly exposed – mostly by me – as a literal satanic death cult that was killing cats and sacrificing goats, as well as having sex with trannies, in order to get power from demons. This was all confirmed on Discord links.

All Satanism, for those who do not know, is effectively a form of Judaism. All of it is based on Jewish Kabbalism, including the demonology and the systems of ritual torture and killing to invoke demonic forces. You will find that everywhere you look if you look into Satanism – Aleister Crowley, Helena Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, or any of the modern new age occultists all draw their “secret knowledge” and “ritual magic” back to Jewish sources.

You’re always gonna see this thing:

Atomwaffen members were flying to the Ukraine to “train” with Azov. Atomwaffen was being run by an “ex-CIA” agent who was working as a “private intelligence contractor” and had an active CAGE code. Meanwhile, Azov was founded by deep state oligarch Jew Igor Kolomoisky, whose Wikipedia entry reads like a Daily Stormer parody.

The bottom line is: there is going to be a lot more sick stuff uncovered about what Azov was doing. It’s going to be a lot of horror movie stuff. In the above video, they are keeping those people – Ukrainian civilians they’re using as hostages/human shields – and trying to “harvest fear” from them to give them demonic powers.

The Russians are likely to uncover all types of satanic materials as they clear out Mariupol, including ritual torture dungeons, satanic altars, cannibalism, and so on. I truly hope all that makes it to the light, so that Russians can say “look – this is what we were saving you from.”