Indians Protest Craig Cobb and Expose the Idiocy of the Anti-White Narrative

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 25, 2013

Indian Protesting Craig Cobb
This American Indian woman traveled from her reservation to protest the right of a racial group to have an exclusive geographical territory.

On Sunday, about three hundred people gathered to protest Craig Cobb’s attempt to create an exclusive White community in the village of Leith, North Dakota. Approximately two-thirds of these protestors were American Indians, who had driven from the reservation to take part in the protest.

Just let that sink in for a second. These people drove from their reservation, where they live in a racially segregated and sovereign geographical territory, to protest the idea of someone else trying to do the same thing. And the media covered the story without even bothering to bring up this point.

This situation, more so than any in recent memory, demonstrates just how idiotic the anti-White narrative has become.

Imagine these Indians, who are in no way affected by the existence or non-existence of an exclusively White community in this small town, driving out to protest it. They must have all been drunk. These are people who have fed off of us for more than a hundred years – the White man feeds, clothes and houses the whole lot of these people.

A Modest Proposal

All that Craig Cobb is trying to do is create a place for Whites to exist away from the hordes of non-Whites. He is not attempting to infringe on anyone’s rights. He picked a place where there are virtually no people – Leith has a population of 24.

The Jewish media is in the process of giving the game away, as they attempt to demonize Cobb and his associates as a hateful monsters, simply for asserting their basic human right of free association.

I have not read a mainstream news article about Cobb’s plan that did not include the term “White Supremacist”; the term, by definition, implies both a perception of the White race as superior, as well as a desire to rule over other races.

I have written about the media’s use of this ridiculous term before. From that essay:

Surely I, as well as all others in the White nationalist movement, do indeed favor our own people over other races, but this in no way translates into a desire to rule over, control, or otherwise shape the destiny of other racial groups. In fact, though it is possible that they exist, I have never in my life come in contact with a White man who believes that Whites have a right to rule over any other people. White Nationalists are, by definition, separatists, and thus have no interest in even coming in contact with any significant numbers of people of other races, let alone an interest in going into other people’s societies and trying to control them.

All that Cobb is proposing is that Whites have a right to live away from other people. Any reasonable person can see that this is not unreasonable. Because it is so obviously reasonable, the media is having a fit trying to make it seem as though it isn’t; in doing so, they are exposing their agenda against our people.

Return of the Great White Race

The thing that the Jews fear most is a clearly formulated White racial consciousness, as if this exists, as it did in National Socialist Germany, they are seen as the alien that they are, and no longer capable of living as a parasite on our society.

We have been so brainwashed that merely discussing race is seen as taboo, and so it is going to take quite a bit of work to establish a new narrative in the minds of the masses of our people. What Cobb is doing is a grand step in the right direction.

Even the masses can see that simply asking for the right to live alone in the middle of nowhere in North Dakota is not particularly extreme or outrageous. When they are able to see that, they are then, hopefully, able to see that the media’s response to him is indeed both extreme and outrageous. This, we can hope, is going to lead to a conversation about what exactly is going on in a society where the local population is being bullied by its own establishment into integrating itself with predatory and parasitical strangers.