Influenza and Colds Virtually Disappear, Everything is Covid-19

As we here at the Daily Stormer have tried to explain: there is no “coronavirus.” Not in the way the government/media advertises it.

That is to say, there is no new phenomenon. Every year, a percentage of flu infections are from a “coronavirus.” Coronaviruses are simply one of the types of viruses that cause the flu.

What they did with this hoax was identify a specific strand of the flu virus, and say it was totally apocalyptic. Then they started including every other flu virus under the umbrella of this new virus, saying that all flu deaths were due to the coronavirus. On top of that, they added in heart attack deaths and other types of deaths – such as from cancers, and sometimes even from car crashes – to inflate the death toll.

They also did insane things, like put people who were infected with the flu in homes for the elderly, in order to kill people on purpose.

(Remember, it wasn’t just Andrew Cuomo that did this – we know at least that this was happening also in Michigan.)

As a publication from Johns Hopkins University admitted months ago, the total deaths in society were not increasing at the beginning of the pandemic, when they were saying things were the worst. Now, deaths are slightly increasing, but that is clearly due to the extended lockdown killing people.

The British government did a study admitting that more people would die from the lockdown than from the virus. They then refused to do any more studies.

The virus is the flu. Period. This is all an elaborate hoax to steal your money and your freedoms.

CBS Minnesota:

We know this flu season has been extremely mild. Outside of COVID-19, colds and other viruses are also down.

So once we’re beyond the pandemic, what happens to our immune systems? Will it affect how often our kids get sick? WCCO spoke with Dr. Gigi Chawla, head of general pediatrics at Children’s Minnesota.

We know flu activity is extremely low. Minnesota has seen 32 hospitalizations because of influenza, and the season is halfway over. Compare that to the traditional average of 3,600 Minnesotans in the hospital with flu each year.

Could it be bad next year because it wasn’t so bad this year?

“I think we have a lot to learn,” Chawla said. “It’s really difficult to predict what those influenza seasons are gonna look like year to year.”

Could part of it may be COVID crowded out the flu?

I think we can see a dominant virus that tends to circulate, and can minimize circulation of other viruses as well,” Chawla said.

This is to be expected, based on every single prediction that we’ve made on this site.

The coronavirus is the flu, so every flu case is now being labeled “coronavirus.”

When you understand what is going on, it is very easy to make predictions.

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