International Federation of Journalists Say Hoholistan’s Control Over Media is Concerning

We’re finally at the stage of Ukraine hysteria where the madness is cooling down and there is room for a little tiny bit of discussion about what this all means.

You’ll remember this happened with the coronavirus. At some point, the madness started to slow, and then you could say “well, it looks like we totally destroyed children.”

Talking about the fact that the Ukraine is not actually a democracy and is in fact a brutal dictatorship where no one has any rights is a good first step in the process of questioning this global Jewish war agenda.


A controversial media law enacted in Ukraine last month could create “systemic problems for democracy” by greatly expanding government control over press freedom, the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) stressed in a damning statement on Thursday.

We are extremely concerned about the authoritarian drift of the Ukrainian government towards the media and journalists,” IFJ General Secretary Anthony Bellanger said.

Established in 1926 and currently the world’s largest organization of journalists, the IFJ says it represents media professionals “within the United Nations system and within the international trade union movement.”

The concern expressed by the international body was over the fact that the new law grants Ukraine’s media watchdog – the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council – sweeping powers to effectively control the national media landscape. The organization cited the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine, which warned in mid-December that the Ukrainian media was set to become subordinate to a body formed by the president and the parliament.

Another journalist association – the Independent Media Trade Union of Ukraine – warned in early January that the law de-facto places the Ukrainian media “in full political and economic dependence on the personal decisions of the country’s president” as it allows the state to revoke media licenses and ban media activities without a decision by a regulator or a court.

The legislation could “create systemic problems for democracy in Ukraine as it expands state control over the media,” the IFJ head noted.

The Ukraine has a kill list that they put people on who question them. It will be interesting to see if the leadership of the IFJ are put on that list. They basically have to be, given the precedent that the Kiev Junta has set on who gets on the list.

Elon Musk made the kill list as soon as he suggested that the UN run a secession vote in the Donbass.

But hey – it’s good someone’s saying something. It’s always shocking to see these leftist groups supporting ultra-authoritarianism and war-mongering, and we should give them credit for at least saying something about how absurd this all is.