Iowa: Man Who Beheaded Satanic Statue at Capitol Charged with Hate Crime

It’s a hate crime to be against Satan.

Just good old-fashioned American values.

We defeated Hitler and saved all those innocent Jews so we could bring them to America to force us to worship Satan.

The Post Millennial:

Michael Cassidy has been charged with a hate crime for beheading a statue of Satan at the Iowa Capitol. Cassidy drove up to Iowa after the Satanic display was erected in the state capitol and took it down. He will be arraigned on February 15.

Polk County prosecutors charged Cassidy with felony third-degree criminal mischief, saying that he acted “in violation of individual rights” under Iowa’s hate crime statue, the Des Moines Register reports.

Cassidy had been charged with a misdemeanor fourth-degree criminal mischief the day after the beheading but had been informed that he may be liable for further charges.

Spokesman for the Polk County Attorney’s Office Lynn Hicks said that “Evidence shows the defendant made statements to law enforcement and the public indicating he destroyed the property because of the victim’s religion.” This is what resulted in the hate crimes charge.

The victim, before the brutal attack

The victim, after the brutal attack

Hicks further elaborated on how much it would cost to replace the statue of Baphoment constructed by the Satanic Temple, which would be between $750 and $1,500. The extremely litigious Satanic Temple had filed their own damage estimate, saying that it would be $3,000 to replace the statue.

Cassidy, a former military officer who ran for Congress, pushed over and decapitated the statue of Baphomet, which had been put up by members of the Satanic Temple of Iowa. The Satanic Temple had been given permission for the display. Cassidy discarded the head of Baphomet in the trash.

It’s in the Constitution that you have to worship Satan. Or, at least, that’s what an army of Jew lawyers said, and I’ve never known them to lie about anything.