Irate Jew Successfully Blames Santa for Holocaust, Gets Santa Hat Banned from Github!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
December 20, 2019

Over on Github the other day, an irate Jew single-handedly shut down the mirth and cheer for coders everywhere by complaining that the Santa Hat “cost millions of Jews their lives over the centuries” and that for that reason, it was an offensive symbol that had no place in the Microsoft community.

Here, look for yourself:

He tops it off with a Santa/swastika comparison, which I felt was just a hyperbolic, in all honesty.

Hard to believe this isn’t a troll, really.

The trigger that set him off was apparently the teeny-tiny little hat thing on top of the gear icon that they rolled out for the month of December:

You can’t even see it really. Maybe if we just… zoom in a tad.

There it is! There’s that little hat that’s causing all the fuss. That anti-Semitic hat has absolutely got to go!

Unsurprisingly, what the irate Jew wants, the irate Jew gets, and the goyim are left wondering why they’re not allowed to have nice things anymore. Well, the answer is, of course, that Jews ruin everything that they can get their hands on out of an atavistic, DNA-level hatred for the good and the nice and the wholesome.

They. Just. Can’t. Help. Themselves. 

And then, after the Jew takes your hat, he takes a little victory lap and accuses you of not being sympathetic enough to the plight of his good-for-nothing rat-people:

Should you voice your opposition to the Jew, you will quickly find that the “issue has been addressed.” That means that it’s time to shut the thread down, with any comments standing up to the Jew and his hateful ways scrubbed in case anyone should notice the outrage and be allowed to voice his opposition to the blatantly unfair favoritism given to the Jew at the expense of the goyim:

Truly, this little internet exchange encapsulates the entirety of the human experience with organized Jewry since the days of ancient Egypt. The whole reason that everybody despises the Jews is because of how they go around ruining societies, piece by piece.

The current situation with Internet Jewry is simply intolerable. 

I’ll tell you this much though, the 110th nation that these Semites are going to get kicked out of is the greatest nation known to man: the Internet. In particular, an unfairly oppressed principality known as The Republic of Gamers is going to be the ones leading the effort to pogrom them off these once green and good webs once and for all.

No one suffers more under the Jews’ yoke than the based and red-pilled gamers, which is why something has to be done. Sooner or later, people are going to realize that we can either have a free and fun internet or we can have Jews, but we can’t have both.