Is Brandon on a Doomed Train to Perdition?

“Perdition” is a Christian word that means “doomed to eternal damnation.”

Joe Biden is literally going to Hell forever.

But some are claiming his political career is also lunging into doom.


President Biden’s White House is stuck in a split-screen reality — spiraling war threats overseas and spiraling political problems at home. Both are horror shows for re-election.

Top officials believe Biden has been at his best in managing the early days of the Israeli-Hamas war. But they privately concede things have never been worse politically since the 80-year-old took office.

It’s hard to see how to brighten his public image on issues haunting the American public — crime, immigration, inflation, race, trust. And now two divisive wars America didn’t start.

Biden’s top aides “are deeply frustrated, and somewhat bitter,” said one backer in frequent touch with the West Wing. “They think he’s doing a great job — and by many measures, he is.”

But private polls show the same hurdle as public ones — brutally and stubbornly low popularity broadly, and on topics animating voters:

1. He’s tied or trailing former President Trump nationally and in swing states — even though Trump was indicted four times on 91 felony counts and is spending many days in court (and storming out).

2. Biden gets crushed on his handling of immigration, crime and inflation — none of which will likely turn around in time to put a new spring in his step.

It’s not death by one issue, but by half a dozen hitting at once. “The load-bearing wall breaks,” one Biden official conceded.

3. Many of Biden’s own voters don’t want him to run — a daunting design flaw for a re-election campaign.

His popularity with his own supporters hit a new low in a poll this past week. Democrats are divided over Israel.

You can say whatever you want, but there is zero chance that these people are going to give up power after having successfully stolen an election last cycle in the most obvious way imaginable.

No one did anything. People did a symbolic display at the Capitol, then everyone forgot about their own political prisoners.

You can do anything to American conservatives. They won’t respond.

I can understand supporting Trump, in the same way you “support” a Palestinian child who just had his leg blown off and is obviously going to bleed to death because the Jews destroyed all the hospitals and cut the electricity and water. It’s obvious you would support that kid. You’d be rooting for him. Who wouldn’t? But there is nothing you or anyone else can do about his predicament.

Maybe they’ll switch out Brandon for Gavin Newsom, maybe they won’t. But it doesn’t matter. A Democrat will “win.” If that means Kamala will become “president,” then that’s what will happen.

The only possible chance something else would happen is if DeSantis was the GOP nominee and the Jews and the rest of the war lobby put serious weight behind him. That would make the situation much worse, actually. But it appears that can’t happen, because he can’t get the nomination.

Short of some kind of partial collapse of civilization, I cannot imagine any path for Trump.

But it should still be pumped. Pump it and then pump the fraud.

There’s no other option.