Is Snowden Really Dumb Enough to Go to France?

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
September 16, 2019

I’ve never seen or heard anything interesting from Edward Snowden. But for some reason, he’s been all up in the news again, and the coverage of him from the MSM has been nothing short of fawning. This indicates to me that something is being planned and that the groundwork is being laid down for said plan.

Now, at this point, I’m convinced that he’s either a glow-in-the-dark nigger or that shitlibbery really is a mental illness that makes you do suicidally retarded things. If we assume that Snowden is for real, then he’s acting like someone infected with that cat-related brain parasite.

You know, the brain disease that makes rats who frolic around in cats’ poop get infected and suddenly start thinking that the cats are their friends, head over to a cat’s place and get eaten for their troubles. Snowden is either some sort of CIA spy or infected with cat feces bacteria aka Liberalism.


Shortly after Edward Snowden flagged France as a place where he would want to live, the country’s justice minister said she personally supports granting asylum to the renowned whistleblower still in exile in Russia.

Justice Minister Nicole Belloubet said France should stick “to our strong principles on immigration,” meaning that “we must accept asylum seekers,” local media reported on Sunday. When asked if Snowden could set foot on French soil someday, she replied: “Yes … I back it.”

Belloubet then made it clear that she was speaking in a private capacity and that the statement wasn’t an official offer. The French presidency also disavowed her remarks later in the day, according to RTL.

Bellouet’s suggestion didn’t come out of the blue, as Snowden himself admitted he is considering France as his next destination. He told France’s Inter radio that he filed his asylum request back in 2013 under a previous administration, and “would love to see [Emmanuel] Macron roll out an invitation.”

Do they not have internet in Russia?

Because France is the poster child for Globo-Homo hypocrisy. 

It occurs to me that Snowden moving to some EU country will help these countries score some much-needed points among skitty intellekshual types and help the government reassure their people that they are really not totalitarian as all that. Bringing an acclaimed and much-adored “dissident” out of exile from the barbarous wastes of Greater Tartaria might score Macron’s government some much-needed PR points…

And I’m not the only one left scratching his head here by the way. The KKKomentariat over at RT is also confused by Snowden’s seemingly suicidal next move.

Is Snowden infected with cat poo bacteria or is he some sort of glow-nigger PR agent for hire?

You decide.

So far, all he’s done in Russia is complain about the lack of Taco Bells and Democracy ™. I assume that the minute he goes over to France (if he is not extradited), he will simply start a career based on shilling against Russia.

Maybe that’s the new deal he’s been offered.