Israel Allegedly Fires Officers and Reprimands Commanders Soup Kitchen Massacre

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The Jews killed all these white aid workers on purpose. They do not regret it. They wanted to send a message that they will not tolerate aid going to the starving Palestinians, and it worked. The World Central Kitchen immediately announced they will no longer be distributing food, because they can’t have any more of their people murdered by Jews. Other aid groups are also ceasing operations.

They had to have known that killing white people like this would result in a backlash, so they are throwing some people under the bus – allegedly. I don’t have any evidence anyone is being fired or that if they are fired, they won’t immediately be rehired in a different capacity.


An Israeli inquiry into the killing of seven aid workers in an air strike in Gaza this week found serious errors and breaches of procedure by the military, with the result that two officers have been dismissed and senior commanders formally reprimanded.

The inquiry found Israeli forces mistakenly believed they were attacking Hamas gunmen when drone strikes hit the three vehicles of the World Central Kitchen aid group late on Monday night, and that standard procedures had been violated.

“The strike on the aid vehicles is a grave mistake stemming from a serious failure due to a mistaken identification, errors in decision-making, and an attack contrary to the Standard Operating Procedures,” the military said in a statement issued on Friday.

That is so obviously bullshit.

The Kitchen was communicating their movements with the IDF. The Jews bombed them three separate times while they were calling them and begging them to stop.

The killing of the seven aid workers, who included citizens of Britain, Australia and Poland, a dual U.S. Canadian national and a Palestinian colleague, triggered global outrage this week.

Yoav Har-Even, the head of the IDF Fact Finding and Assessment Mechanism who led the inquiry, said forces had been unable to see the WCK logos on the roofs of the vehicles in the dark, and had mistakenly acted on the belief that they had been seized by Hamas fighters.

Yes, they believed the aid convoy was a Hamas base. Just like all those hospitals.

This is disgusting. They should just admit they did it on purpose and then laugh at the goyim.

“The state of mind at that time was that the humanitarian mission had ended and that they were tracking Hamas vehicles with one suspected gunman, at least one suspected gunman, that they misidentified to be inside one of the three cars,” he told reporters in a briefing.

They struck that car and then they identified people running out of the car and entering a second car, which is when they decided to strike the second car. Then two people left the second car and entered the third car, which is when they struck the third car.”

Yes. Triple strikes. All clearly marked food trucks. The aid workers calling the IDF, after they’d already told them where they’d be.

In response, the World Central Kitchen issued a statement:

We demand the creation of an independent commission to investigate the killings of our WCK colleagues. The IDF cannot credibly investigate its own failure in Gaza.

No, they can’t reliably do anything other than murder innocent people.

They can’t even kill Hamas. They just kill random people and say they thought they were Hamas.

They’ve killed tens of thousands of Palestinian children, but killing whites is a different sort of thing, and now they’re presenting a series of excuses. Any independent investigation would find they did this on purpose. The problem is, no one can go there to investigate, because the Jews will murder the investigators and then say “oh, we thought they were Hamas.”