Oakland City Council Refuses to Condemn Hamas, Passes Resolution Calling for Permanent Ceasefire

Oakland rules.

New York Post:

The city council in Oakland, California, unanimously passed a resolution Monday calling for a permanent cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas war — while spurning language that would have condemned the terrorist group for the Oct. 7 massacre following an uproar from anti-Israel protesters.

Councilman Dan Kalb’s amendment spotlighting Hamas’ role in the slaughter of an estimated 1,200 people across southern Israel was rejected 6-2.

The proposal was met by boos from demonstrators, who condemned the language as “anti-Arab” — with some going as far as to spread conspiracy theories that the Israel Defense Forces had slaughtered Jews to justify an invasion of Gaza.

The Oakland resolution ultimately passed without any charged language against Hamas or Israel, with council member Caroll Fife noting that it went through four drafts in order to “de-politicize” it.

Instead, the measure focused solely on calling for Congress to support a permanent cease-fire in Gaza, along with ensuring the release of all hostages held by Hamas. It also urged more humanitarian aid to the Palestinian enclave.

This whole thing of “if you condemn the IDF, you also have to condemn Hamas” is so Jewish.

Condemning Hamas is victim-blaming.

Hamas is Palestine. 80% of Gazans support Hamas, and I’m not even sure where those polls come from – it’s probably closer to 100%.

Hamas are the defenders of Gaza.

Criticizing Hamas over whatever tiny mistakes is bullshit. They didn’t decapitate 40 babies. They didn’t do anything wrong.