Watch: Biden Says Trump is the “Sitting President”

There is no way that the Biden people won’t steal a second election, after having gotten away with stealing it in 2020 without any consequences at all. In fact, getting caught stealing the election was beneficial to the Democrats, as they were able to accuse people who complained about it of being terrorists.

However, they of course want the theft of the election to be as plausible as possible. So you’re going to see a big show.

New York Post:

President Biden is being ridiculed for his latest blunder, appearing to call his predecessor, Donald Trump, the “sitting president.”

The gaffe-prone commander in chief’s blunder came during a speech in South Carolina on Saturday as he repeatedly called former President Trump a “loser.”

“You’re the reason I am president,” Biden, 81, told the crowd of Democratic leaders as he touted his record of “promises made and promises kept.”

Well, he did promise “endless war.”

No joke, he had surrogates campaigning to the neocons on that platform. They called it “confronting Russia, China, and Iran,” but everyone knows “confront” means “start an endless war with.”

He also promised forced injection with dangerous experimental gene therapy (“ensure that everyone is vaccinated”).

He promised “racial equity,” which means “blacks are allowed to commit violent crimes with no punishment.”

I can’t really remember what the other promises were, but it was probably mostly the stuff that is happening right now.

You can say all this shit sucks ass, but you can’t say he didn’t promise/warn you.

“You’re the reason Donald Trump is a loser,” he said of his likely key challenger in the 2024 election.

But online commentators soon said Biden was the real loser as he slipped up while discussing how “American consumers are facing real confidence in the economy we’re building.”

Haha. “Facing confidence.”

We’ve been forced to face confidence in this kooky and confusing economy.

The economy isn’t really as bad as you would expect, I suppose. But it constantly feels like the bottom is about to fall out. Especially when Biden is going around confronting all of these countries.

“Let me tell you who else is noticing that: Donald Trump,” Biden said before he stumbled on his words.

Did you see what he recently said about … he wants to, he wants to see the economy crash this year? A sitting president,” he said without correcting himself.

“As they say in my faith, bless me father for, I mean, come on, man,” Biden continued.

Well, that seems like blasphemy. It sounds like self-parody, mixed with blasphemy.

I don’t think you’re ever supposed to say prayers in a stump speech while you’re insulting someone.

Is this image of Biden AI generated?

I can’t tell, actually.

He’s been making a lot of sad faces lately.