Israel Bans Flying Palestinian “Terror Flags” in Public Spaces

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This is the exact same thing that Kiev Jews were doing to the Russians in Donetsk.

When you put Jews in charge, they treat everyone like Palestinians.


Israeli National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir has reportedly banned the flying of Palestinian flags in public places, claiming they “encourage terrorism.” 

“It is inconceivable that lawbreakers will wave terror flags, incite and encourage terrorism,” Ben-Gvir said on Sunday night in a statement cited by the Jerusalem Post. “I have issued instructions for the removal of the flags, which support terrorism, from the public space and to stop incitement against the state of Israel.”

The nationalist official, who already stirred controversy shortly after taking office by visiting the Temple Mount compound last week, dismissed concern that his flag order would infringe on civil liberties, arguing that freedom of expression “does not extend to identifying with a terrorist” and those who seek to harm Israeli soldiers.

We will fight terrorism and the encouragement of terrorism with all our might!” he added in a tweet.

Ben-Gvir directed Israel’s police commissioner, Kobi Shabtai, to order officers to remove Palestinian flags. Under Israeli law, the flying of Palestinian flags is not illegal, but military and law enforcement authorities have the power to remove them in cases where they are deemed a threat to public order.

The flag is not political. It is just a symbol for the existence of a people.

The Jews believe that it is an act of terrorism for non-Jews to exist.