Lindsey Graham Says Murdered Palestinian Children are No Different Than the Young Boys He Keeps in His Freezer

If you think about homosexual cannibal serial killers, such as John Wayne Gacy or Jeffrey Dahmer, and try to imagine how they would behave, you come to the conclusion that they would act a lot like Lindsey Graham.

We know that Lindsey has engaged in sickening acts with young boys. But just how sickening? Does he only sodomize them, or does he kill them, put them in the freezer, and eat pieces of them?

We won’t find out until he faces justice, but until then, I’m gonna go with: “this is a man who keeps something other than ice cream and microwave dinners in his freezer.”


The US should stand by Israel in its campaign against Hamas no matter how heavy a toll it takes on the civilian population in Gaza, Senator Lindsey Graham has argued. He likened Israel’s military operation against the militants to the allies’ struggle against Nazi Germany and Japan during World War II.

That’s not fair.

Hamas is cool, but there’re not in the same league as the Nazis.

Seriously though: how many thousands of years are we planning on using the Holocaust as the definitive reference point for everything in the universe?

In an interview with CNN on Tuesday, Graham was asked if there was a “threshold” for him, after which he would start questioning Israel’s tactics. The Republican replied in the negative, saying there is no limit as to “what Israel should do to the people who are trying to slaughter the Jews.”

“This idea that Israel has to apologize for attacking Hamas, who’s embedded with their own population, needs to stop,” the senator insisted, adding that it is Hamas that is “creating these casualties – not Israel.”

Graham noted that Israel does need to “be smart” by trying to “limit civilian casualties.” The lawmaker also called for the delivery of humanitarian aid to “areas that protect the innocent.”

During his visit to Israel last month, US President Joe Biden assured Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that “as long as the United States stands, and we will stand forever, we will not let you ever be alone.”

So is Palestine BLM, or are they Hitler? You have to pick one, because there is not any overlap between the two.


Why is this happening?

Why is my government run by satanic homosexuals?

I tried to be a good person, I tried to do the right thing, I tried to treat people fairly.

I don’t deserve this.

In some spiritual sense, Americans who have retained their humanity have it worse than the Gazans. At least the Gazans have their dignity.

It is better to die as an innocent child from one of Lindsey Graham’s bombs than to live to adulthood and be ruled over by baby-killing faggots like Lindsey Graham.

All my sympathies to the Gazans. Might heart is with you.

But the mujahideen have the privilege of dying on their feet.

Americans live as worms.

Truly, that is an insult to worms.

To what can you compare a creature so lowly that he is shaped by the authority of Lindsey Graham?

Something has to change.

We’ve reached the end of the line, boys.

Last stop.