Israel Killing Many Israeli Hostages, Hamas Says

Israel has no reason not to kill hostages.

Netanyahu pulled the defenses on October 7th.

Jews have to die for his plan to work.


Hamas’ armed wing said on Friday that Israelis taken hostage by the militants on Oct. 7 had suffered many losses and that those that were alive were living in extremely difficult conditions.

“Losses amongst (Israeli hostages) have become many while other hostages live in extremely difficult conditions,” Hamas’ armed wing spokesman Abu Obeida said in an audio message.

“We warned dozens of times about the dangers to which their hostages are being exposed. We didn’t want the situation to reach this stage, but (Israel’s) leadership ignored us,” he said.

For months, we tried to protect and care for the lives of these hostages, as it is our top humanitarian goal to liberate our own prisoners and to realise the legitimate rights of our people.”

There’s no reason not to believe that. Every piece of evidence we have corroborates it.

The only thing the Jews can say is: “They’re evil and therefore they must be lying.”