Bloodsucking Breitbart Kikes Whine About “Antisemitic Meme” From the Only Conservative Member of Congress

Thomas Massie is legit the only conservative member of Congress. I like Matt Gaetz okay I guess, but maybe if Matt Gaetz wants more respect from me, he should just copy all of Massie’s votes.

Of course, the bloodsucking Jew parasites at Breitbart don’t care that he’s conservative. The only thing they care about is that he is questioning giving infinity money to Israel, which makes him evil.

The article is written by Joel Pollak, the Jew who runs the site. He felt the need to directly cover the scandal of an American patriot who is not sufficiently loyal to Israel.

Pollak writes:

The idea that “Zionism” and “American Patriotism” are contradictory is a common theme on the antisemitic far-right.

Zionism is the belief that the Jewish people have the right to a state in their historic and spiritual homeland of Israel. Since the late 19th century, antisemites have used the idea of “Zion” to suggest Jewish control and manipulation of world governments.

That, for example, is the theme of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, an antisemitic forgery distributed by the Russian imperial state that spread throughout Europe before the Nazi era, and which remains widely distributed in the Arab world today.

American leaders throughout history have supported the idea of a Jewish state, going back to President John Adams, who was an ardent “restorationist,” believing that a Jewish republic should emerge in the Middle East. Many Americans today support the modern State of Israel.

Massie posted the meme as the House was holding hearings about antisemitism on college campuses, which has flared since the Palestinian terror group Hamas carried out a devastating terror attack against Israel on October 7 that killed 1,200 people.

Massie has been under attack from pro-Israel groups after voting against funding for Israel, ostensibly on budgetary and foreign policy grounds. He appears to have taken that argument to a completely different place with his antisemitic post.

Look at that!

He declares that he’s an anti-Semite, says that all true Americans love Israel and want to send them infinity money (including John Adams!), he cites the Protocols and mentions the Nazis (and the Arabs), then says that Massie is claiming to be against wars for Israel and endless money for Israel, but the meme proves he actually just hates Jews for literally no reason and wants to kill them like the Nazis.

These Jews are U N H I N G E D.

It is out of control.

The “conservative Jews” – who are the only “conservatives” in America allowed to run media outlets – are now running a smear campaign against the only right-wing (“conservative”) man in the House. Because he is unwilling to swear allegiance to a foreign country, and fight their wars for them.

What Pollak wrote here proves that Zionism is in fact incompatible with American patriotism – if you support America first, you will be smeared and accused of being a secret evil hater by Zionist Jews!

Pollak was literally a communist supporter of the ANC until he was almost 30, when he decided that conservatism would help him defend Israel, because the blacks he supported in his home country of South Africa didn’t support Israel enough. The faggot said this in a 2017 interview with the Times of Israel.

You should read the whole interview probably, but this is the most relevant part:

The other thing that happened while in South Africa was the Second Intifada broke out and I was confronted with a vociferous and vicious opposition to Israel unlike anything I encountered before. While covering the 2001 World Conference Against Racism in Durban, I saw up-close rabid, anti-Israel and overtly anti-Semitic rhetoric — plus the complete refusal of my editors to acknowledge it all. It was completely eye opening to me that a political movement that I had admired, the African National Congress, could be so profoundly anti-Israel.

So I had a slow awakening from a left-wing worldview. I believed there were political solutions to the world’s problems and when I followed those policies through to their results — and the results were exactly the opposite of what in some cases the policies intended — I then questioned the policies.

Literally, his entire reason for being in the “conservative” movement is to lobby for Israel.

He doesn’t give a shit about the core issue of conservatives, which is protecting women’s sports.

When you see a face this trustworthy, it’s really hard to believe he’d try to trick you

By the way – his Wikipedia page used to say “he was a communist and switched to conservatism to protect Israel” but he went in and changed it. Now it just says he was “leftist” and “changed his mind.” It still links to the same source.

Wonder why they would edit the Wiki article to quote less information from this Times of Israel article???

The Jews worked to shut down every single real right-wing website – like, for example, this one – and now everything is the Daily Wire (Shapiro) and Breitbart (Pollak), which openly say that if you don’t pledge allegiance to Israel you’re a traitor to America.

They don’t even pretend to care about American interests anymore.

They just dazzle the fat retarded slobs that define the American conservative movement by talking about protecting women’s sports from trannies, then say “and also, everyone has to give all their money and send their sons to go die for Israel, because those are the true values of women’s sports protectors AKA American conservative patriots.”

It’s literally just “women’s sports -> Israel.”

And these are the only outlets conservatives have.

It’s too much!

Too much!

It’s too out of control!