Israel Says the Bloodbath with Continue, Even If America and the Entire World Turns On Israel

The absolute arrogance.

These Israelis act like Jews.


Israel will take control of Rafah even if it causes a rift with the United States, a senior Israeli official said on Thursday, describing the Gazan city packed with refugees as a final Hamas bastion harbouring a quarter of the group’s fighters.

The prospect of tanks and troops storming Rafah worries Washington in the absence of a plan to move more than a million Palestinians who have sheltered there since being displaced elsewhere in the Gaza Strip during the five-month-old war.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has pledged to ensure a civilian evacuation and humanitarian aid – measures that top Israeli aides are due to discuss in the White House in the coming days, at the behest of U.S. President Joe Biden.

We’re quite confident that we can do this in a way that would be effective – not only militarily, but also on the humanitarian side. And they have less confidence that we can do it,” one of those Israeli envoys, Strategic Affairs Minister Ron Dermer, said on the “Call Me Back with Dan Senor” podcast.

Dermer, a former ambassador to the United States, said Israel would hear out American ideas for Rafah, but the city on Gaza’s border with Egypt would be taken whether or not the allies reach agreement:

It will happen even if Israel is forced to fight alone. Even if the entire world turns on Israel, including the United States, we’re going to fight until the battle’s won.”

They know they can’t do anything without the support of the US. Without the support of the US, the Moslems would just Zerg Rush them into oblivion.

They also know, however, that AIPAC controls the American government. There is also more control that we don’t see, involving Epstein-style blackmail of US politicians. The US has already admitted that they do not have any control over what Israel does, but they have to support them no matter what.

It’s true that many American Jews in Washington don’t see eye to eye with the Israelis on this issue, and they really do want Israel to relax, but they have no mechanism for forcing Israel to relax.

Antony Blinken, the American Jew Secretary of State, is going on another Middle East tour. He just wanders around aimlessly, talking to various Arab countries, apparently assuring them that he’s doing his best to try to talk Bibi into stopping the slaughter. Meanwhile, Chuck Schumer came out a week ago and said Bibi was the problem.

It’s really a rock and a hard place situation. There is basically zero support for this war among Democrat voters, to the point where the concept of “democracy” is once again losing traction, as it’s just so obvious that politicians do not represent the people who vote for them, but instead the people who pay them. So these people are now in this mode where they’re just pretending like they’re doing something, while knowing they can’t do anything. Chuck Schumer can call for Bibi to resign, but Bibi is not going to resign, and Chuck Schumer is going to continue voting for more money and weapons to be sent to Israel.

In the longer term, it’s all looking pretty good. Israel is creating a situation where Israel cannot exist anymore. Hopefully, they drag the US down with them.

This entire Vampire’s Ball just needs to end as quickly as possible.