Israeli Warplanes Strike Iran Embassy in Syria, Kill Military Advisers and Senior Commanders

Jews will just… blow up your embassy.


Suspected Israeli warplanes bombed Iran’s embassy in Syria on Monday, a marked escalation in a war pitting Israel against its regional adversaries, and Tehran said the strike killed seven military advisers including three senior commanders.

Reuters reporters at the site in the Mezzeh district of Damascus saw emergency workers clambering atop rubble of a destroyed building inside the diplomatic compound, adjacent to the main embassy building. Emergency vehicles were parked outside. An Iranian flag hung from a pole by the debris.

The Syrian foreign minister and interior minister were both spotted at the scene. “We strongly condemn this atrocious terrorist attack that targeted the Iranian consulate building in Damascus and killed a number of innocents,” Syria’s Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad said.

Israel has long targeted Iran’s military installations in Syria and those of its proxies, and has ramped up those strikes in parallel with its campaign against Iran-backed Palestinian group Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Since the Gaza war was ignited by Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack on southern Israel, Israel’ military has escalated airstrikes in Syria against Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and the Iranian-backed Lebanese armed group Hezbollah, both of which support Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government.

Monday’s attack was the first time Israel hit the vast embassy compound itself.

Israel typically does not discuss attacks by its forces on Syria. Asked about the strike, an Israeli military spokesperson said: “We do not comment on reports in the foreign media”.

Iran’s ambassador to Syria Hossein Akbari, who was unharmed, told Iranian state TV that five to seven people, including diplomats, were killed and Tehran’s response would be “harsh”.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards said in a statement that seven military advisers died in the strike including Mohammad Reza Zahedi, a senior commander in the IRGC’s Quds Force, which is an elite foreign espionage and paramilitary arm.

Iranian state media said that Tehran believed Zahedi was the target of the attack. His deputy and another senior commander were also killed along with four others.

The New York Times cited four unnamed Israeli officials as acknowledging Israel had carried out the attack.

Israel, like the Ukraine, is a terrorist state.

It should be treated as such by all normal countries.

(The US and its subsidiaries are not normal countries.)