Ivy League Jews Call for Abolishing the US Constitution in NYT Op-Ed

“We always knew it would come to this” is a very common phrase these days. We are seeing it all over, as Democrats under Joe Biden go buckwild with Jewishness and the Jewish media, academia, and health establishment push child trannies and forced vaccination.

Just so, we always knew that the Jews would eventually call to simply abolish the US Constitution so they can have their way with us, without anything in between – which is what two law professors called for in the New York Times last week. Harvard’s Ryan D. Doerfler and Yale’s Samuel Moyn said that the Constitution is “famously undemocratic” and therefore needs to be overthrown and replaced with feminist and racial liberation ideology and global warming mumbo-jumbo.

For the record, Doerfler does not have a Wikipedia page, but an unanglicized German name like that almost certainly means “Jew” in America (especially at Harvard Law School). Moyn does have a Wikipedia page, and is a Jew who writes about critical theory (Jewish gibberish) and Jewish studies. It doesn’t matter if they’re Jewish – this is a Jewish agenda, through and through. No Christians are suggesting abolishing the Constitution. Doerfler and Moyn also cite other Jew lawyers to make their case for America going full Jewocracy. These two have been publishing essays about abolishing or otherwise undermining the Constitution for years, arguing that it stands in the way of their Jewish agenda for America.

The article claims that the “American people” (i.e., “The Jews”) are being held hostage by an exhausted, outdated text written by bad white Christian men, and closes with laying out a path for nullifying the Constitution completely in the name of “fundamental values like racial equality or environmental justice.”

These Ivy League professors repeatedly claim that the Constitution does not represent “the majority opinion,” and is therefore being misused by reactionaries pushing a far-right agenda. However, no one knows what the majority believes, and most people who disagree with the corporate media consensus lie about their opinions in public.

To be clear: the Constitution is perfectly fine, and the singular reason that it would be overthrown would be to remove the rights and freedoms enumerated in it. There is no other reason you would want to do that. Black people and other racial minorities already have too many rights, and the alleged US President and the Congress are already deindustrializing the country in the name of the nonsensical global warming hoax. To remove the Constitution completely would only be done with the goal of making things much worse. They want to take away free speech and guns in particular, and they want to do it in an absolute manner.

Jews hate freedom because they despise the basic order of nature, and will always seek to undermine basic freedom as a way to undermine mankind itself. Whether or not they actually succeed in abolishing the Constitution is at this point largely immaterial, given that the coronavirus hoax demonstrated that your Constitutional rights do not actually exist in practice. Your rights are theoretical and can already been completely disregarded in the name of a fake “crisis emergency” ostensibly caused by the flu.

Despite the fact that it is obvious that rights don’t exist anymore and the government and media can simply do whatever they want to you, you should know that Jews are still working diligently to make the situation even worse. It is becoming increasingly clear, even to dim-witted morons, that these Jews are intent on exterminating all life on earth.

I probably don’t say this enough: The Jews are the problem. More or less everything that is wrong with America and the West more broadly can be traced back to the Jews. China has an overwhelmingly powerful government that is not tied to a Constitution, and they do not share really any of our main problems because their powerful government is not controlled by the Jews. The problems that China does have are mostly the result of Jewishness seeping into their society from the West.

Human beings – that is to say “non-Jewish humanoids” – are a part of nature. We are natural in form and substance. Therefore, we will always try to rebalance ourselves in line with nature. The Jews are an unnatural aberration created by Satan, and they will always, by their profoundly demented framework and crooked mindset, set themselves against the order of nature. Normal non-Jewish humans will try to fix problems, to increase freedom for the people, so that the people can find meaning in life. Jews will attach themselves to problems and make them worse, or, very often, will invent fake problems.

The following are completely fake problems created by the Jews:

  • The coronavirus pandemic
  • Global warming
  • Racism
  • Women’s rights
  • Ukraine democracy
  • Taiwan democracy
  • The Israeli state in Palestine
  • Atheism
  • Homosexual liberation
  • “No fault” divorce

None of those are real problems, in the sense that they were problems that arose out of the natural occurrence of events. These are problems that were explicitly, purposefully invented or created by Jews for the purpose of creating a hassle and hurting people in a sadistic manner.

If a fire starts, the Jews will pour gasoline on it, but more commonly these days, they are the ones starting the fire.

Due to their satanic nature as the murderers of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ – the most infamous crime in history, which they themselves continue to take pride in – Jews are at war with the Heavens and the earth below it. Their sole purpose is to destroy. They seek wealth and power to use it for the purpose of sadistic destruction.

The order of nature is God’s order, and it is what brought peace in the Garden of Eden. Every deviation from this order creates suffering and doom to some extent. However, when normal people violate God’s law, they feel guilt, and tend to try to make amends. To be fair, this is true not only of Christians, but also of Moslems, Buddhists, and Chinamen. Everyone seeks a balance, to be in harmony with the order of the universe – except the Jews, who delight in violating the rules of reality.

The Jews are the world’s foremost problem. We can talk about “the left” or “globalism” or any of the problems we find under these headings, but we are ultimately talking about the Jews. If the Jews had their way, they would just torture and kill us all, then they would destroy all life on earth by clearcutting forests and replacing them with disgusting windmills that don’t even work.

We should talk about all sorts of problems and work through the truth of the matter, but we ultimately need to remember that the Jews are the problem. At some point, they have to be sent back out of the United States, because they are never going to stop with their filthy lies and trickery.

The people must remember: this is a spiritual battle, and the only way out of it is through Jesus Christ. It is up to each and every one of us to live lives modeled after Christ if we wish to overcome the Jewish menace.