Tennessee Wants to Ban the Anal Flag from Children’s Schools (Too Little, Too Late, Retards)

It was just a few years ago that American conservatives were celebrating gays as “the new niggers.” This is to say, after the blacks were liberated by the communist Jews in the 1960s, conservatives began positioning themselves as the real nigger-lovers, claiming that Democrats were “the real racists.”

After communist Jews legalized so-called “anal marriage” through court decree in 2012, conservatives were doing the same maneuver, claiming to be the real faggot-lovers, claiming that Democrats were “promoting homophobia” (in this case, through promoting Islamic immigration).

The Republicans are no longer defending gays. Because the gays went after the kids, with tranny story time, and the child tranny injections, and all of the rest, conservatives finally flipped out and turned against all gays.

It could be that a similar thing is happening with the blacks as a result of the insane crime that has followed the George Floyd Summer of Love. That’s not really clear yet. But conservatives are definitely anti-gay again.

“Gay conservatives” like Dave Rubin (who is Jewish, by the way) have attempted to distinguish between “normal” homosexuals and the ones coming for the kids. But of course there is no distinction. Dave Rubin “adopted” (purchased online) small boys to rape while calling them his “sons.”

All gays fuck children, including and especially the Pope, which is why they call him “Pope Boy-Fucker.”

The conservatives have had an anagnorisis with regards to the homosexuals.

They are now saying this all needs to stop.

Of course, they can’t stop it, and they won’t do any of the things that would be needed to actually push back, which I will not mention but which are very obvious.

So it’s really only of academic interest that they’re now saying they are morally opposed to little boys getting fucked in the ass.

The one real world effect of this is going to be a schism in the Catholic Church.

And who knows what that will mean. Maybe something big and great.

Banning the anal flag from a school is a worthless symbolic act.

The Guardian:

Tennessee is poised to become the first state to in effect ban Pride flags in public and charter school classrooms, prompting outrage from the LGBTQ+ community.

The Tennessee house advanced a bill, HB 1605, that forbids schools, teachers or faculty from displaying flags other than the US flag and the Tennessee state flag in public schools. The bill would also allow “a parent of a child who attends, or who is eligible to attend” a Tennessee public or charter school to sue their school district if a Pride flag is displayed “anywhere students may see the object”.

The bill does not mention LGBTQ+ Pride flags or Black Lives Matter outright, but some Republican lawmakers have made it clear that the bill is meant to restrict them.

The bill is expected to clear the senate as early as next week.

Despite opposition, house Republicans comfortably passed the bill with a final vote of 70 to 24, splitting predictably along party lines.

The bill’s primary sponsor, the Republican state representative Gino Bulso, said that the bill was inspired by parents in his district, who complained about that “certain teachers and counselors were displaying a Pride flag” in some of Williamson county’s schools.

Yeah, a lot of parents don’t want their sons being fucked in the ass at the school.

Some mothers like this, but fathers don’t usually like it so much.