Jeff Bezos’ Ex-Wife Donating Hundreds of Millions to Groups Boosting Invaders, Trannies


The richest woman in history made her fortune on divorce. This fact should be humiliating to women. But it’s not. If you tell them this fact, they will just start talking about the “pay gap” and claim women can only make money from divorce because of centuries of oppression and sexism in the workplace.

If this bitch had any shame, she would keep this money low-key. Instead, she wants the world to know that she’s using that money she stole from the evil patriarchy for highly moral purposes.

New York Post:

Most of the $640 million in new charitable donations Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ ex-wife MacKenzie Scott is dishing out will go to nonprofits pushing extreme left-wing causes, including helping migrants who commit crimes and boosting male-born transgender athletes who want to compete against women.

Scott will provide 67 migrant-advocacy organizations a combined $122 million for legal aid and other assistance, according to an analysis of 361 awards she announced Tuesday through her foundation Yield Giving.

The big winners include the Florida Immigrant Coalition, which vehemently opposes Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ crackdown on migrants who commit crimes; and the Tennessee Immigrant & Refugee Rights Coalition, which is fighting that state’s efforts to increase illegal-migrant enforcement. Both scored $2 million awards.

Scott’s other awards include $117 million to 67 prisoner-advocacy groups and other organizations helping jailbirds and ex-cons; and $72 million to 43 groups promoting “gender identity,” “sexual orientation” and other LGBTQ causes – such as championing the rights of biological boys who identify as transgender girls to compete in female sports.

She’s also earmarked another $18 million to 10 groups pushing clean energy.

Scott — an author of two novels and the third wealthiest woman in the US — was married to Bezos for nearly 25 years and has four children with him. She parted ways with Bezos in 2019 with a jaw-dropping $38.3 billion in Amazon stock.

Prior to Tuesday’s announcement, she handed out $16.5 billion of her fortune to groups she and her team researched and selected.

In December 2022, she launched a database of her charity under the name Yield Giving.

Elon Musk blasted Scott for her past charitable donations in an X post he has since deleted: “Super rich ex-wives who hate their former spouse should . . . be listed among ‘Reasons that Western Civilization died.’”

It’s always frustrating when Elon hits the nail on the head like that, revealing that he knows how everything works, and is simply a coward.

Bezos made this bitch the richest woman in history. She didn’t do anything at all for that money. But she’s very proud of herself, and really wants to demonstrate this to the world.