Jew Lawyer to Represent Satanist VA Staffer in Case Against “Not Today, Satan” Sign

It’s in the Constitution that you have to worship Satan.

But when they said that the right to bear arms “shall not be infringed,” they were only talking about muskets used for sport hunting.

Also, they believed that you only had freedom of speech if a bunch of privately owned corporations didn’t decide to collude with the government to silence your speech. They only meant “freedom of speech” if the multinational corporations and the government agree to it.

Further, the Founders supported trannies in the girls’ bathroom.

New York Post:

A Satanist Veterans Affairs staffer filed a civil rights complaint over their supervisor’s joke sign reading, “Not today, Satan, not today” — claiming it was a “grotesque Christian supremacist” symbol.

The unidentified Air Force veteran — who “subscribes to many non-theist teachings (including Satanist)” — had the case taken up by the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, whose founder agreed to file a formal complaint.

The self-described Satanist complained of an already hostile work environment at the undisclosed facility when they were invited to their supervisor’s office — and saw what they deemed to be a “grotesque Christian supremacist” sign.

It was placed “in such a way that it was physically directed at anyone sitting in the guest chair across from her desk,” the offended staffer wrote in an email to the civil rights group.

The employee then sent a “passionate and deeply emotional email to my supervisor describing my feelings towards her and it.”

The civil rights group’s founder and president, attorney Michael Weinstein, agreed to represent the employee and prepare to file a lawsuit.

He agreed because the sign was a “noxious example of trying to express a particular religious view in a situation where it simply was not warranted,” Weinstein told the Christian Post.

Oh, one of the leaders of the pro-Satan agenda is a Weinstein.


Michael Weinstein