Jew Revolution Queen Victoria Nuland Denied Access to Deposed Niger “Democracy Leader”

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A senior U.S. diplomat said coup leaders in Niger refused to allow her to meet Monday with the West African country’s democratically elected president, whom she described as under “virtual house arrest.”

Acting Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland also described the mutinous officers as unreceptive to U.S. pressure to return the country to civilian rule.

“They were quite firm about how they want to proceed, and it is not in support of the constitution of Niger,” Nuland told reporters. She characterized the conversations as “extremely frank and at times quite difficult.”

She spoke after a two-hour meeting in Niger’s capital, Niamey, with some leaders of the military takeover of a country that has been a vital counterterrorism partner of the United States.

In speaking to junta leaders, Nuland said, she made “absolutely clear the kinds of support that we will legally have to cut off if democracy is not restored.”

Cut it all off, cunt.

We’re rolling with the Chinese now.

We’re getting mass investment and development. We don’t need your stingy-ass Jew giblet hand-outs keeping us in poverty with your stupid fake governmental system.

If the U.S. determines that a democratically elected government has been toppled by unconstitutional means, federal law requires a cutoff of most American assistance, particularly military aid.

The meeting was with Gen. Moussa Salaou Barmou, a U.S.-trained officer, and three of the colonels involved in the takeover. The coup’s top leader, former presidential guard head Abdourahamane Tchiani, did not meet with the Americans.


That bitch doesn’t deserve a meeting with THE MAN.

He’s got shit to do anyway. He’s making moves and trying to figure out how to clean up this mess the whites left in his country.

Bazoum should be put on trial for selling the nation out to foreign powers, and imprisoned. I’m sure you can also get some various corruption charges on him.

Just get him on trial, get him in prison, get this section of the process over with.

You don’t need some guy claiming official status as leader of the country, and the way to remove that status is to put him on trial and put him in prison.

Nuland Rolling in Shows How Serious the US is Thinking About Violent Action

This is a 100% chance that Victoria Nuland is trying to force every form of violent action against the leaders of the Niger “Junta of Justice.” Those would include, but not be limited to:

  • ECOWAS invasion
  • French invasion
  • US invasion

And of course, terrorist type actions against the government, backed up by NATO bombings (i.e., what was done to Gaddafi).

The Nigeriens should be ringing me up and flying me in as top advisor.

But I’m kinda glad they’re not.

They’ve got a really big mess to deal with.