Jewish Comedienne Calls for Trump Supporters to be Poisoned with Disease-Carrying Ice Cream

Daily Stormer
August 2, 2019

Comedienne Jena Friedman – born into a “conservative Jewish family” – has called for Trump supporters to be poisoned with disease-carrying Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. For maximum effect, she urges that this poisoning take place only a few days before an election.

The image of the Jew as poisoner and disease agent is a classic “anti-Semitic trope” found in one of the first external accounts we have of the Jews, from the Greek writer Hecataeus of Abdera, believed to have been written in the years 305 – 302 B.C., but referring to a much earlier period.

In ancient times, when there was a pestilential circumstance throughout Egypt, the many began to ascribe the cause of their troubles to divine power; for with many and varied strangers dwelling [there] and practicing different customs concerning the holy and the sacrifices, it turned out that their own ancestral acts of worship of the gods had lapsed. Because of this the natives of the land understood that unless they removed the foreigners, there would be no resolution of their troubles. Straightaway, therefore, the foreigners were banished, of whom the most outstanding and active, having banded together, were cast out, as some say, into Greece and certain other places, having notable leaders, of whom Danaus and Cadmus, being most outstanding, led the others; but the great multitude was driven out into what is now called Judaea, which while lying not far from Egypt was nevertheless utterly desolate in those times.

Here, from one of the first contacts the human species had with the Jews, we see three key ideas established:

  • Jews as spreaders of pestilence.
  • Jews as aliens who undermine the customs and culture of the indigenous people.
  • Jews as agents of national ruin who must be banished if the country is to flourish again.

I have been told that these themes can still be found in counter-Semitic literature even today.

It is an astonishing thing that so many evil and foolish goyim should develop exactly the same false beliefs about Jews for absolutely no reason and maintain these beliefs for thousands of years. Why this should happen is one of the mysteries of the ages.