Jews Bomb Another Refugee Camp, Kill More Than 80 People (We Have to Help Josh Hawley Cover It Up!)

The Jews bomb people’s houses, the people go to a refugee camp, they bomb the camp.

They are cartoonishly evil, these Jews.

You can only laugh.

The Guardian:

Airstrikes on crowded UN shelters in north Gaza’s Jabalia refugee camp killed more than 80 people on Saturday, as Israeli plans to expand operations into south Gaza deepened fears for hundreds of thousands of civilians who have sought refuge there.

Underlining the reminder that there is nowhere safe for Gaza’s civilians, an airstrike outside the southern town of Khan Younis killed at least 26 people in the early hours of Saturday morning.

North Gaza’s biggest hospital, al-Shifa, emptied of all but 120 of the most vulnerable patients and five doctors to care for them. As bombs continued to fall, the area had only basic medical resources for new victims.

So many little kids are getting their limbs blown off. That’s not really something you can fix up at home. You really need a hospital to sew up a severed limb, or you will bleed to death. There is also serious risk of infection.

But the Jews are ensuring that after they blow your limbs off, you can’t get the wound sewed shut. Kids who could live on as cripples are instead bleeding out.

That’s democracy for you!

At least 50 people were killed in a dawn attack on a UN-run school in the Jabalia camp, and a strike on another building there killed 32 members of a single family – 19 of them children – officials from the Hamas-run health ministry told AFP.

More than 20 bodies lined up and wrapped in bloodstained sheets were shown in photographs taken outside the Indonesian hospital. UN officials condemned the deaths.

Wow, all 32 family members were terrorists.

What are the chances?

Thankfully, we have Josh Hawley shutting down the speech of people who would say things like “maybe all those kids weren’t actually terrorists?”

See: Cocksucking Faggot Josh Hawley Calls for Mass Internet Censorship to Protect Jew Feelings

He may forcibly sodomize young boys, but at least he believes in truth and justice.

We have to stand with Israel.

“Shelters are a place for safety. Schools are a place for learning. Tragic news of the children, women and men killed while sheltering at al-Fakhouri school in northern Gaza,” UN humanitarian chief Martin Griffiths said on X. “Civilians cannot and should not have to bear this any longer.”

For weeks, Israel has urged civilians in and around Gaza City to head south to protect themselves, and large numbers complied. Last week, for the first time the Israeli military urged people to leave areas in the south, around Khan Younis town, where residents include many recently displaced from the north.

Well, if you weren’t getting your news from terrorists on Twitter, you’d know that the Jews opened an interdimensional portal for the children to flee into.

Hamas is shooting children who try to flee into the portal. But no one knows that because the Chinese are spreading disinformation on TikTok.

That’s why we have to follow the Hawley plan to shut down freedom of speech.

It’s the only way the people will find out about the humanitarian portal the Jews opened for the kids with all their limbs blown off to be rolled into.