NYC: Thousands Demand One Sate Solution and Intifada!

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Before the Jews did this mass baby-killing event, you couldn’t get people to call for a one state solution. You had to go along with the narrative that the Jews need their own government “to protect the purity of their race.”

Now, it’s very difficult for the Jews to claim that they have a unique ability to assert a right to racial purity and a racially pure state.

Jews would also claim that if they were not allowed total racial supremacy over Palestine, they would “be pushed into the sea.” This is very false. Jews lived in Palestine for hundreds of years under a Palestinian government and were never pushed into the sea.

Now, people are reflecting seriously on Jew whining, and concluding: if the Jews want to live in Palestine, they should live under a Palestinian government.

That’s the one state solution.

New York Post:

Around 2,000 protesters gathered for a pro-Palestinian rally at Washington Square Park Friday with a laundry list of demands, including calling for a “permanent end to the occupation” of Gaza and dismantling the Israeli government.

The assembled crowd railed against Israel’s ongoing military campaign in the Hamas-controlled territory, waving Palestinian flags and holding up signs bearing messages like “Free Palestine,” “Cease fire now” and “Israel thinks killing babies is collateral damage.”

That last one is not good. Jews don’t think killing babies is collateral damage. It’s actually the opposite of that.

The sign should read: “Israel thinks babies are a military target.”

Protesters called on people to rebel against Black Friday by disrupting it and boycotting companies that support Israel. Chants from the crowd included, “1, 2, 3, 4, Occupation no more. 5, 6, 7, 8, Israel is a racist state,” and “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” which the Anti-Defamation League classifies as an antisemitic slogan.

The rally included members of multiple organizations, such as the Palestinian Youth Movement, National Students for Justice in Palestine, The People’s Forum, Nodutdol, Al-Awda-NY, the Palestinian American Community Center (PACC) – NJ, the ANSWER coalition and the International Peoples’ Assembly.

Manolo De Los Santos, a member of The People’s Forum, told The Post that his group showed up at the protest because they “refuse to be silenced,” and consider Israel responsible for the war.

This war didn’t start on Oct. 7th. This war started when the state of Israel was imposed on the peoples of the Arab world,” he said.


We want a permanent cease-fire, a permanent end to the occupation. We are shutting it down in New York City today.”

At the fringes of the rally, a small counter-protest of about a dozen people held Israeli flags while speaking the names of hostages abducted by Hamas terrorists and chanting, “Bring them home.”

The group was occasionally shouted down by the pro-Palestinian demonstrators, who taunted them by yelling out, “It’s your bombs that killed them” and reading out the names of Palestinian children who have been killed since Oct. 7.

It was a very small counter-protest.

Pretty soon, there will be no Jewish counter-protest, and you’re going to have a totally insane situation where both political parties support the Jews, and none of the people do.

It might look like these protests are left-wing, and I think they are left-wing protesters, but the Jews have very little support among the right-wing, save for lunatic boomers who believe it’s the end times and Jews are “chosen by God.”

It’s going to be impossible to keep this charade going indefinitely.