Jews Claim They are Being Driven Insane by the Goyim’s Refusal to Believe Their Lies

Daily Stormer
June 28, 2019

Jews claim they are literally being driven insane because the goyim refuse to take their persecution fantasies seriously. The alternative hypothesis – that they were insane to begin with and their sense of being persecuted has no basis in factual reality – doesn’t seem to have been given much consideration at the Jewish Chronicle.

Mental health experts have warned of the impact racism is having on the Jewish community, as the JC reveals today how campaigners dedicated to fighting growing antisemitism in the Labour Party have suffered as a result.

A series of case studies shows the effects on those at the forefront of tackling antisemitism.

Dr Shubulade Smith, clinical director for the National Collaborating Centre for Mental Health at the Royal College of Psychiatrists, said the issue was more widespread even than among those directly involved with fighting antisemitism: “It hurts me to the core to think about what has happened to the Jewish community. It is terrible and it is appalling.”

What has happened to them? Well, the Jews demand the suppression of someone’s speech. Usually, this is done immediately. But – just sometimes – it takes a little bit longer than the Jews would like. This drives the Jews insane. “Why can’t the stupid goyim see that any goy talking back must be suppressed instantly?!?

David Collier, who compiles reports into online antisemitism, says: “You don’t start off thinking this is going to have an impact mentally but it inevitably does.”

He says time spent in antisemitic social media groups has significantly impacted his mental health.

“It takes you weeks to readjust having been exposed to the racism in them.”

He experiences frequent feelings of fear and panic and has been physically attacked in public, which left him wondering if he was being followed. 

“I have felt like I am being suffocated and can’t breathe” after “spending time the bubble of antisemitism online.

“I know it impacts on my mental wellbeing because when I come out of it it takes me a few weeks to adjust.”

The burden of goy disbelief weighs heavily on the Jews. Some of them even start to wonder whether the goyim could be right after all when they say the Jews are making it all up.

Miriam Mirwitch chair of young labour

Ms Mirwitch is regularly the victim of racist abuse online, often after disagreements between her and other Young Labour representatives.

Being chair has been “quite challenging” for the 25-year-old who considers herself “quite a tough person”.

As one of the most high profile young Jewish women in Labour, she “gets abuse from all sorts of people” but her mental health suffers the most when it comes from Labour supporters.

She regularly blocks accounts which send her race hate or misogyny as responding to abuse can become “quite obsessive and lead to you feeling powerless in that moment.”

…Ms Mirwitch says those who have sent her abuse on social media have made her feel “anxious and worthless,” which at times “you start to believe.”

“I’m not that open about having a hard time mentally because I am afraid to show weakness. But  I do often struggle.”

Sara Gibbs, former Labour member

“I feel like being Jewish has been stolen from me,” says Sara Gibbs.

“I have had tearful nights, nights feeling disbelieved, ignored and alienated”.

Ms Gibbs, a comedy writer for high-profile shows on the BBC, is among those who are now known for being vocal opponents of antisemitism in a culture war that has exploded on social media since Mr Corbyn became Labour leader.

They are inundated with abuse as a result.

“It makes you question your own boundaries of what is acceptable and you are constantly asking yourself, ‘Am I doing what they say and making it up or am I overreacting?’”.

She says it “definitely affects my physical and mental health.”

…Ms Gibbs, who tries to highlight but also explain antisemitism to people on social media, has noticed a feeling of “hopelessness” take hold of her in a way she has never encountered before.

She hopes this “gaslighting” — a form of psychological manipulation in which a person seeks to sow seeds of doubt about what another knows to be true — of the Jewish community and the rejection of “what we know to be antisemitic” will be investigated by Equality and Human Rights Commission.

It’s a terrible thing to rob Jews of their illusions. Soon, they could start to question the six million, or wonder whether people have really disliked them throughout history for no reason.