Jews Doing Bombing, Ground Invasion of Palestinian Prison Camps

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It’s shocking the Jews would kill innocent people out of hatred!


The Israel Defense Forces and the Shin Bet security service launched a large-scale offensive early on Monday morning, seeking to “thwart the threat of terrorism” across the West Bank. The joint operation allegedly targeted a militant headquarters in Jenin city’s refugee camp.

The IDF confirmed that it struck “terror infrastructure” in the city at around 2am, claiming the Jenin camp had been turned into a “terrorist stronghold.” The military said it raided a joint headquarters of multiple armed groups which “served as an observation post, a gathering place for armed terrorists before and after terror acts, a cache for munitions and bombs and a communications center.”

“We will not idly stand by while terrorists continue to harm civilians using the Jenin Camp as a hideout,” the Israeli military added in a brief press release.

“We are acting to dismantle this hornets nest,” an Israeli military spokesman,  Lt. Col. Richard Hecht, wrote in a tweet, claiming that “operational sites used by terrorists” are “located next to schools, a medical center and civilian houses.”

Yeah, well.

That sure is a convenient excuse to bomb civilians, huh?

Bibi has a lot going on. He has serious protests, which he is blaming on the American Democrats, he is refusing to support the Ukraine war, and he is trying to start a war with Iran. In that context, bombing Palestinians is a lot more relevant than it normally would be.

They invade, people die, they hype things, they start talking about Iran. This is a pattern.

But they are more likely to actually bomb Iran than ever before.

The whole threat is that they can start a war, and then the US – no matter what – is in the war that they started. Because they are our greatest ally, and the only Democracy in Palestine.

Israel wants the US to shift focus away from Ukraine and onto Palestine. This is very obvious, and that is presumably why the US is backing these anti-Bibi protests.

However, protests haven’t happened on a big scale in weeks, and bombing Palestine always ends protests.

These Jews are so exhausting.

Imagine that two groups of Jews are arguing about which wars the goyim will fight for them.

It’s so incredible that after all this time, all these schemes, people are still scared to say what is happening in front of their faces.