Jews Don’t Even Have Half of Gaza City, And Hamas are Still Behind Their Lines

The Jews agreed to a ceasefire and they might be extending it.

It’s not because Jews are not evil or that they care if people think they are evil – it’s because they’re losing.

This is their map:

They are way, way far from actually penetrating the urban center of the city.

What’s more: they admit that this map isn’t really real, and there are Hamas in the blue area. Of course there are, because Hamas has tunnels. And the kicker: destroying all those buildings with bombs made it totally impossible to close the tunnels. If they’d left the buildings, they could go through building by building and close the tunnels, but they can’t go through piles of rubble and find every tunnel.

The ceasefire is because they’re losing and they can’t win. It is absurd to spend weeks on end trying to capture a tiny city that doesn’t even have any people in it. The Jew military is totally useless, and they are either going to need a new strategy or they’re going to have to surrender.