Thomas Massie Kicked a Rats’ Nest by Suggesting Congress Cares More About Israel Than America

The meme in question is literally true. American patriotism is looked at negatively by Congress, by any measure

Thomas Massie posted a meme stating that Congress cares more about protecting Israel than America. This is really just an obvious fact, and that I don’t think can possibly be disputed.

Yesterday, I wrote that the “conservakikes” at Breitbart denounced Massie, who is the most conservative member of Congress, over the post.

The rats are really out in force. They swarm, these Jews.

Senator Chuck Schumer (Jewish):

White House Deputy Communications Director Herbie Ziskend (Jewish):

CEO of the Republican Jewish Coalition, Matthew Brooks (Jewish):

Senator Jacky Rosen (Jewish):


You see?


These Jews are using our country like a condom as they fuck the world. That is the precise description of what is happening. They do not care about us, and in fact, the evidence is that they hate us.

This situation is absolutely absurd. We cannot have these foreigners controlling our country while constantly claiming that they don’t control our country and then destroying anyone who points out that they control the country.

At the very least, if the Jews are going to control America, we have to be able to talk about it, and we have to be able to criticize the way they are running the country.

The rulers of a country claiming not to run the country while using their power as rulers to destroy anyone who points out that they run the country is just too bizarre to be acceptable to anyone.

Look at this:

It’s a “trope” that they do it in secret. But it’s just a fact that virtually every American institution of power is controlled by Jews. Like, you can just check their Wikipedia pages. It’s not a secret. Saying that it’s a secret is just confusing. The Jews themselves will admit that all of these institutions are controlled by ethnic Jews, and then they will claim it’s unimportant, because they’re just random individuals. They you say “okay, but they are all Jews” and they will answer “that’s a conspiracy theory.”

It’s all just NONSENSE.

This is simply not acceptable. These people have to leave America. We cannot have this situation.

After the tweet backlash, Massie was of course immediately interviewed by Glenn Greenwald, and told him that AIPAC should have to register as foreign agents.

How is it even possible that members of the political lobby of a foreign country are not required to register as foreign agents? They are literally the basic definition of “foreign agents.”

But so, for that matter, is every other Jew in our government. When Chuck Schumer goes to Israel and calls it his “homeland,” how is he not required to register as a foreign agent?

None of this even makes sense.