UN Rights Chief Calls for Israel to End Occupation, Implement Two-State Solution

The thing about these statements from the UN that I want to keep stressing is that they are not attacking the United States.

The UN has been issuing various ultimatums to Israel since the 1960s. None of them have mattered. Israel has made it clear that they do not in any way respect the authority of the UN, and the UN has made it clear that they do not have any ability to enforce anything against Israel.

What the UN should be doing is calling out the United States as the ultimate source of Israel’s behavior. That would actually have an effect, as the United States – especially the Biden Democrat Party – are constantly citing the UN as a source of authority to justify their claims against their enemies.

The United States is responsible for everything Israel does, because nothing Israel does would be possible without the United States. They should be the ones being held accountable.

Qatar just called on the UN to force Israel into negotiations. But it’s all meaningless.

Qatar should be calling on the UN to put the blame on Joe Biden for these atrocities. That is the only way this body is going to have any conceivable effect on the global narrative surrounding the Gaza situation.


United Nations human rights chief Volker Turk warned on Wednesday there was a heightened risk of “atrocity crimes” in Gaza, urging parties involved to refrain from committing such violations.

According to the United Nations, the term “atrocity crimes” refers to the crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes as defined by international treaties.

Turk said that the only way to end the conflict was to end the Israeli occupation and opt for a two-state solution.

“I think one thing is very clear: it cannot go back to what it was,” he said.

Turk’s office requested access to Israel to collect information on the Oct. 7 attacks, including acts of sexual violence, but had not received a response from Israel.

Israel already said they don’t have any evidence. They said they accidentally destroyed it all, lol.

Israeli authorities have already opened their own investigation into sexual violence committed by Hamas.

“I’ve repeated this call and I hope it will be heard,” Turk said on his request to access Israel. “It is clear: atrocious forms of sexual violence need to be thoroughly investigated.”

Hamas denies its fighters committed such abuses.

Yeah, that shit is retarded.

Literal “my grandpa is a lampshade” tier Jewish gibberish.

See: Hamas Turned Jew Women Into Lampshades BEFORE Raping Them, According to Testimonies