Jews Coming at Thailand Again, Telling Local People What They are and are not Allowed to Do and Believe

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 1, 2013

The Jews are once coming at Thailand, messing about in a place they have no business messing about in a severely bizarre fashion.

The Sacred Heart School in Chiang Mai, Thailand, held a festival in honor of the NSDAP, where the students donned SS uniforms and carried Swastika flags, performed the Roman salute.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center sprung quickly into action in response to the Thais celebrating the Reign of Adolf Hitler, with the Rabbi Abraham Cooper issuing the following sick and deranged statement:

It is difficult to calculate the hurt such a display inflicted on survivors of the Nazi Holocaust and the families of all victims of Nazism. There can be no justification for such an outrage to emanate from place of learning

The world was left wondering: why are “Holocaust victims” concerned about what is going on in a festivals of a private college in a third world Southeast Asian state? How does this event concern them? How can something a group of Asians on the opposite side of the planet do cause a person to hurt? Were the Asians channeling negative Chi toward this Holocaust survivors? We may never know, as the Jews are apparently unwilling to describe the exact method through which the happy Asian children celebrating Adolf Hitler caused them to hurt.

Also, the world continues to wait for physical evidence of this alleged Holocaust of the Jews, which the Jews have continually declined to present.

I think it is quite nice that the Asians are able to appreciate and honor the greatness of Adolf Hitler, and the glory of his Reich, even while we in the West are left believing deranged lies about the power and honor of Hitler and his mighty state.

By harassing these Asians, the Jews are once again showing their total incapacity to allow free thought about anything. If they cannot have their way, they simply flip out and start crying about their sacred hoax.

Here are the pictures.