Jews Say Hamas Attack is Like the Holocaust

These people have no shame.

No shame.

Everything is always the Holocaust.


Women, children and older adults hiding in safe rooms gunned down mercilessly. Homes set ablaze with terrified residents still inside them. Children, some bound, forced into a room and slaughtered. Jews, helpless.

For many Israelis and Jews around the world, the horrors committed by Hamas militants during their stunning onslaught on southern Israeli communities is triggering painful memories of a calamity of a far greater scale: the Holocaust.

Long seen as a catastrophe so horrific nothing else should be compared to it, Israelis are now drawing direct parallels between the murder of 6 million Jews in Europe eight decades ago and their most recent tragedy, underscoring how traumatic the attack has been for a country that rose from the ashes of World War II and was created as a safe haven for Jews.

Why would you create a “safe haven” for Jews inside of Palestine?

How does that make any sense, at all?

You could have put Israel in Africa, South America, South-Eastern Russia – you could have put it anywhere. Instead, you put it in the middle of the Islamic holy site.


Why would you do that, unless you were trying to create massive death and destruction?

It doesn’t make any sense.

Then you Jews want to go around whining, like “oy vey, we had no idea that putting our country inside of another country would lead to violence! No one could have predicted something like this!”

It’s stupid!

No one should have any sympathy for these Jews.

They could have put Israel anywhere in the world, and they chose to put it in the one place where it would ensure endless war – and now they have the nerve to go around crying about how no one could have predicted it.