Germany: Jew-Sucker Olaf Vows to Protect Hospital Bombers

Because of the Holocaust, Germans will always support hospital bombers.

Long after the Butlerian Jihad, when Islamic hospitals get bombed on distant planets, the Germans will come out and say “our only hope is that they would have bombed more hospitals and killed more children – we love this shit.”

New York Post:

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz strongly condemned a firebomb assault on a synagogue in Berlin on Wednesday, saying “We will never accept when attacks are carried out against Jewish institutions.”

Assailants threw two Molotov cocktails early Wednesday at the synagogue in the center of the German capital, police said, as antisemitic incidents in the country have been rising following the violent escalation in the Middle East.

Yeah, you bomb hospitals. People are going to be mad.

Unless you’re German, then you like it.

Because of Hitler and the Holocaust.

“I used to think bombing hospitals full of kids was wrong, but then I learned about the ‘Caust.”

Unknown persons threw two Molotov cocktails from the street,” the Kahal Adass Jisroel community wrote on X, formerly Twitter. Dozens of police officers were investigating in front of the synagogue in the city’s Mitte neighborhood, and the entire street next to the building was cordoned off and blocked for traffic.

Police said they were investigating “an attempted serious arson” in which two people approached the synagogue by foot at 3:45 a.m. and threw two Molotov cocktails, which burst on the sidewalk next to the building.

Molotovs that hit the sidewalk are not an attempt at serious arson.

Do you know what serious arson is?

Bombing a hospital. 

The two people, their faces covered, ran away.

Police also said there were riots overnight between Muslim immigrants and police in the city’s Neukoelln and Kreuzberg neighborhoods and at Berlin’s landmark Brandenburg Gate in which several officers were injured.

Scholz, who was speaking to reporters during a trip to Egypt on Wednesday, said that Germany would not accept violent and antisemitic protests and that the protection of Jewish institutions would be further increased.

Oh, fuck off.

Who gives a shit?

Let the Moslems kill the rats.

“It outrages me personally what some of them are shouting and doing, and I am convinced that Germany’s citizens are of the same opinion as me,” Scholz said.

“We stand united for the protection also of Jews” in Germany, the chancellor added.

I don’t agree to that. (My Grandma was German and also my country beat your country in a war. Two wars. I demand the Jews be released to the Moslem hordes who can punish them as they see fit for bombing that hospital.)

Shlomo Afanasev, a rabbi and long-time member of the Kahal Adass Jisroel community, said he was shocked by the attack.

“I go to the synagogue since 2006, and … I always go with my kippah on,” he told The Associated Press. “We felt until today very safe here. And never thought something like this could happen in this area. In the middle of Berlin.”

It’s gonna happen in the middle of everywhere, retard.

There are 1.5 billion Moslems, and most non-Moslems support them enough to at least look the other way.

Shlomo Afanasev

You people decided you were invincible.

Now, we’re testing that theory.

I don’t like your odds.

In fact, I just bet $10,000 on the Moslems.